Coin Master Free Spins

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What Is Coin Master?

If you would combine a strategy game in which you create a base with a slot game, the result would be Coin Master. Coin Master is super easy to play. You spin the reels of a simple slot so that you can perform an action.

You can receive coins, attack other players’ bases, raid their gold, or get shields to reduce the effects of enemy attacks. With the help of coins, you can build or upgrade the constructions in your base.

How to Play Coin Master

Coin Master is very easy to understand and play. Everything revolves around obtaining and using coins. There are three ways to get coins in addition to using real money to get them:

  1. Win them on the Coin Master slot
  2. Attack other players’ bases
  3. Raid other players’ bases.

To perform any of these actions, you will need to spin the slot reels. Thus, the slot is the most important part of the game.

Below the slot game, you will see the current number of spins available. Each time you spin, you will see that the number of spins available will decrease. Once you run out of spins, you will have to wait a while for them to regenerate.

The Coin Master slot has three reels with five different symbols. If you hit three identical symbols, you will be able to do that action. The symbols are:

  • A bag of coins – this will get you more coins.
  • A hammer – you get to attack a random village.
  • A pig bandit – you get to attack the village of the person who is currently the Coin Master.
  • A shield – it protects your village, and you will lose fewer coins in the event of an attack.
  • A spin capsule  – 10 Coin Master free spins

From here on, each player can create his/her strategy based on what they win in the slot game. The goal is to grow and develop as much as possible and to lose as little as possible when you are attacked.

How to Get Coin Master Free Spins?

  • Invite your Facebook friends – every time you invite a Facebook friend to play this game, you will get 40 free spins. In order for you to receive the free spins, your friends will have to accept the invitation, download the game, open it and log in to their Facebook account for the game to link through the account. You can invite as many friends as you want.
  • Exchange gifts – after you have invited your friends and they start playing, you can send each other gifts like free spins or coins every day. You can receive and send up to 100 spins.
  • Wait – You can wait. For each waiting hour, you will receive five free spins up to a total of 50 spins. This means that in 10 hours you will have the maximum number of free spins.
  • Links from the internet – there are also various sites on the internet where using daily links you can get free spins. If you don’t mind cheating this might be an option for you 😉 

If you ask us, you would be much better off playing real slots machine games where you can get as many free spins as you want. You can play completely free demo slots just for fun on SlotsCalendar, or you can get a lot of free spins no deposit bonuses and play for real money without paying a cent.

Similar Games to Coin Master Free

Instead of hunting for free spins Coin Master or waiting for hours to spin a slot that doesn’t bring you any winnings, we think it’s a better idea to play similar Coin Master slots and benefit of real money no deposit spins.

We’ve searched all over the internet to create this top 5 top slots that have a theme similar to Coin Master. You will find in the list below 5 slots whose main character is a pig, and you will also find hammers and coins and everything you want:

Try them all absolutely for free, with no deposit and no download on SlotsCalendar and the fun is guaranteed. You can always play them for real money if you want, and even get no deposit bonuses to help you!


  • How to get free spins on Coin Master?

    You can get Coin Master free spins, by looking for them on various specialised sites, by waiting for them to recharge, inviting friends on Facebook to play or by exchanging gifts with your friends.

  • Coin Master spins or slots no deposit spins?

    The best option is to play free slots because you can play as much as you want and you don’t have to wait or bother in any way to get free spins. You have an unlimited number of free spins available. Plus, there are plenty of slots that also have an arcade and adventure theme, so the idea of going through various levels of the game is kept.

  • How to hack Coin Master?

    While we do not condone cheating and hacking, at this moment in time, there are several ways to hack Coin Master. The one that seems to work the best is using an app that gives you the chance to get any in-app purchase for free on Android or iOS. The thing with these kinds of hacks is that at some point they stop working and you might find your account banned and all your efforts would’ve been in vain.

  • Coin Master similar games?

    Other Coin Master-like mobile games are Rich Pirates, Boom Space or Pango Land. But the best option is to choose the best slots on SlotsCalendar and play them for free in demo mode. There are thousands of great slots to choose from.