Penny Slot Machines – Tips, Myths and Strategies

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In the online gambling world, everything is divided into low and high bets which means that when it comes to slots, you get penny slots and high limit slots. Penny slot machines are the ones which everyone can play because they allow very low bets, you basically as its name suggest play for literal pennies.

With bets as low as a penny, these online slot machines are perfect for beginners and low rollers because even when playing on all available paylines the total bet will still be small. The minimum limit on a wager has made penny slots online popular not only in the UK but the USA, Australia, Europe and all over the world.

Bet Limits & How to Play Penny Slots Online

The original penny slot machine games started from as little as 1c or 1p minimum bet. Since there was just one payline, it was pretty easy to know exactly how much you’re spending per spin, no matter how many coins you used per that one payline. As slots progressed and there was an advancement in their mechanics, slot games began having more paylines and thus they now allow staking several coins per several paylines.

This change made things a bit more complicated to understand but also offered a lot more freedom and customisation. While you can still just bet a single penny on a penny slot, you can also go higher without reaching big bets. You can go for quarters or nickels or up to a pound.

That’s not to say that best penny slots in Vegas will only go up to a dollar. Many slot games cater to many different types of players so you can make 1 penny bets but also up to 25 or even 100.

WMS, Playtech and NetEnt launched the first penny slots, but in the meantime, almost all software providers have started offering at least some good options.

The thing is that since they had bets so low, consequently the payouts were small as well and winning combinations didn’t turn out that often. Which, of course, makes sense because winnings and bets are proportionate as they work as multipliers.

But they were still fun, and this is the reason why penny slots are just as sought after. Penny slot machines are still available today, and they are just as useful as ever since they allow you to practice for free and not waste any of your funds on games that are not worth it or that you don’t enjoy.

Both penny slots, and video slots in general, have come a long way since their inception so now you can even try free penny slots with bonus rounds and free penny slots with no download needed on any device you prefer.

The way to play them is identical to any other types of classic slots. The only difference is the size of your bet. If there’s one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should always make the bets you are comfortable making. Set your budget and never go over it and only bet what you can afford to lose.

That being said, playing with the biggest bet you can afford is usually the most prolific as the stakes stay on the low end, but the payouts rise.

Popular Penny Slots

When you play penny slots, you are one of the millions of players that choose to do so. They are arguably the most sought after type of casino game, and that comes with added benefits for you. There are hundreds and hundreds of penny slot casino games that you can play so it might seem like a tough task to decide what to play.

We have a ton of favourite free slots, so we understand your problem. General favourites include:

While many players enjoy the same titles, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will like the same ones. You might be looking for free penny slots Buffalo themed or may be into Asian-inspired games or ocean-themed games, vampires etc.

While arguably the theme and the graphics will make or break a game for some players, it’s not as important as what the game offers(free spins). Bonus features are vital because they can bring you a lot more fun and better chances of winning.

But there’s something even more crucial that you need to understand: the house edge and the RTP. These two things can surely make a game worth your time and funds or not. If the game has a significant house edge and a small RTP(return to player) then no matter what you bet on it, chances are you are going to come out at a loss over time.

Types of Penny Slots

The first type ever made was a classic three-reel slot with one payline or up to 5 paylines. But then 3d slots came into the picture so you can also find free penny slot games that have five reels, several paylines (between 5 and 100 and even ways to win or megaways) and a lot of bonus features.

Another way of categorising penny slots is by dividing them into progressives and non-progressives. The non-progressives are the ones which are by themselves, independent, and have set payouts.

The progressive penny slots are coupled with other slot machines and form a network. A percentage of each bet made on the slots that form the network will go to a common pot. This way, the payouts are no longer fixed as they continue to grow with every single bet. Furthermore, if a player wins the progressive jackpot, he will get the entire sum, and that sum can reach millions.

The fact that penny slots can have progressive jackpots demonstrates that huge payouts with small bets are possible. Some of the most appreciated progressive slots with low bets are Burning Hot, 88 Fortunes and 100 cats.

Penny Slot Casinos

When you’re done playing free penny slot games to practice and want to start playing for real money, you should know that there are some casinos which offer more opportunities for penny slot players like yourself.

Here are just some of our favourites:

These online casino sites will allow you to make small bets and enjoy a wide range of games. They also have some top-notch slots bonuses which can further help you out by minimising risk and maximising rewards. Just remember to always read the terms and conditions thoroughly before claiming any offer.

How to Win at Penny Slots

There is no way to “cheat the system” and using weird strategies won’t help you score a profit each time you play. Those are only myths. But there is one strategy that works, and that’s playing responsibly and making good choices. More paylines, more scatters and wilds and bonus features will result in more possible winning combinations.

Look for high RTPs. 96% is the norm, 94% and under is something you should stay away from, and 97% and up to 98% and 99% is optimal.

Activate all paylines, don’t just bet on one of them because you have better chances of winning when there are more possible combos. Plus, it’s not even that expensive and will help you out tremendously in the long run.

Also, make sure that you practice in demo mode for free before ever playing a new game and avoid chasing losses. If you’re having a bad day and not getting lucky, it’s better to step away and try another time then to try to win what you’ve lost and end up losing more.

What is the max bet on penny slots?

It depends on each game; some will only let you bet between 0.01 and 1, while others go as high as 100. If you’re using a bonus from an online casino, make sure you check the terms and conditions because there might be certain limits imposed like, for example, a £5 max bet.

How much do penny slots payout?

Again it depends on the actual game so if we’re discussing this on a theoretical and abstract level then generally less than high limit slots unless they have progressive jackpots. If the game you choose doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, then the payouts won’t be huge, but in the long run, it can bring you a nice profit.

How can I play progressive penny slots at casino sites?

Make an account at a trusted online casino site that has penny slots with progressive jackpots, make a deposit (maybe even claim a bonus), select the progressive game you want to play and start playing. There’s nothing complicated here.

Does anyone ever win money on penny slots online?

You can definitely win when playing penny slots, in fact, long term you have much better chances of winning with many small bets than with a few large ones. If you pick the right games and casinos, you should have no problems getting some nice wins and cashing out. Sure, it’s a game of luck but making the right choices goes a long way. Play some free penny slots to test our theory!