Easy Ways to Make Money

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Easy Ways to Make Money with Side Gigs

If you’d let your mind wander/wonder you’d realize that there are hundreds of things you could possibly do to make money online in UK or anywhere else. You don’t have to stick to just your 9 to 5, there is plenty of time and a lot of opportunities.

You can always start an extra side hustle that can actually help you make good money, maybe even more than your full-time job. Sure, some will take some market research, getting a good idea, having a lot of spare time, making an investment. 

But you can also learn how to make money online for free, easy ways to make money or save money that are in high demand and aren’t too taxing on your time or savings.

You could grab a part-time job, fill out some online surveys, get a money-making idea, become an influencer, write, be a web developer, try graphic design, go into food delivery, try your talent at photography and much, much more. 

There are no secret tips, but there may be some ways to win money online you haven’t even thought of until now. Let’s find out together what the best way to make money online is!

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry has seen impressive growth in the past 10 years and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down too soon. If you get it right, find your niche, bring something new, really help people, you could very easily make money fast, from home, from an office, alone or with a team, and reach that 6-figure dream in no time.

The way affiliate marketing works is pretty simple and straightforward. If you have a blog or website of any kind and use put a link on it that leads to another website, you will make money any time a users uses that link and performs an action. 

There are several types of affiliate marketing, those that use CPA, CPL or Rev Share, or even hybrid deals that combine two types. The ones that are most frequently used are CPA and revenue share. 

CPA is the cost per acquisition and you get paid a set amount every time a user uses your link to perform an action like register, make a deposit etc depending on the niche. 

Revenue share means that the affiliate will get paid depending on the performance of the player who signs up via their link and you will continue to earn for the duration for which the user stays with that website and keeps performing different actions. 

Make Money Fast with Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another easy way to make money online UK. from people who made thousands of pounds in a couple of weeks or owners who made six figures by selling a single product, there are several success stories with dropshipping to inspire you.

Dropshipping is a type of business model where you sell a product to a customer, but you don’t need to keep the products in stock. You don’t even need to own the products, you can buy from one place and resell to customers and not even see a single product. But you will need marketing strategies to attract customers. 

Become a Twitch Streamer/Influencer

This one has recently become a much bigger deal as people are starting to migrate to this platform more and more. Keep in mind that a small Twitch streamer with just 50-100 subscribers could manage to hit the $500 a month without putting in too much effort for the extra money.

Imagine if you could get more subscribers? Start a channel and if you’re outgoing and friendly you could hit it big in no time. Gamers are the biggest thing on Twitch right now but who knows what the future holds. Even so, how great would it be to spend your time doing what you do at home, playing games and having fun and making some money?

The same thing applies to all types of social media. You can be an influencer and promote different types of products while still ”doing you” on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok and every other online medium you can think of.

Make Money from Dividends and Stocks

Investing in stocks is another money-making idea, but for this one, you would have to have some knowledge about the way in which stocks work because if you’re not good at it you can end up losing a lot of money. 

Some regular 9 to 5 jobs can have some solid financial programs which can allow you to invest in company stocks and might even have a matching program that can help you save for retirement or get a down payment on a house. You can also collect dividends that can add up nicely.

Can You Win Money Playing Slots Online?

“Can you win money playing slots online?” the question on everyone’s lips. The answer is yes, and it is one of the easy ways to make money from home, it can be tax-free depending on where you live and super fast. But the thing is that this one isn’t a sure thing.

It could be a great way to make money online but also not yield any results. It is, after all, a game of chance. But if you know how to pick great slot games like Megaways slots, for example, games with huge RTPs and many bonus features, you’ll have much better chances of winning.

Also, you can take advantage of free slots and play in demo mode every game to make sure you know exactly how to play and win.

Another thing you can rely on to build up that bankroll is claiming bonuses. If you claim no deposit free spins bonuses you can play for free, but get to keep what you win and then you can use those winnings to win more and more.

Create and Sell an Online Course

If you know a lot of things about a particular subject, why not make bank on it? Sharing knowledge is useful, beautiful, and productive. You can make a course about something you know very well and are passionate about and sell it on Udemy or your own website.

You can sell it for a low price and after you gain a bigger audience increase your prices. Some individuals can make thousands selling their know-how.

Laptop Lifestyle – Earn Your Living by Blogging

Blogging has been around for a long time already, and you can still make money by posting blog articles. You can test websites, apps and software and review them for cash. Write life advice. The possibilities are endless for content creation.

Plus, you can now place ads on your site, use affiliate links, write sponsored content, do paid guest posts, sell digital products and more. And all of these are different income streams that can add to your total revenue.

Make Money by Driving for Uber or Lyft

If you really enjoy driving around then you should consider driving for Uber or Lyft in your spare time. You can relax and make some money at the same time. On average, it seems that drivers for these rideshare platforms earn around $17.50 per hour which is not bad.

And if you’re doing it as a side gig every now and then it should be a nice addition to your monthly spending fund.

Make Deliveries for Amazon, Uber Eats etc

You can sell things on Amazon and make an impressive profit, but if you’re not great with marketing you can still win some cash by being a delivery driver for the company. There are many companies that need delivery drivers from Uber Eats to Postmates and everything in between. You can win anywhere from $10 to $25 per hour, depending on what company you choose.

Earn a Passive Income on Airbnb

If you have a spare room or even an apartment you don’t use or would want to rent out, you might get a better deal if you list it on Airbnb and let people rent it for a couple of days.

You could get £50 a night for a room or on average about £228 a night for the whole apartment. Maybe even more, depending on the size of the apartment, its location, the utilities available etc.


There are many ways in which you can earn money from home. Some are active, some are passive. It depends on what you like and what your skills are and what you are willing to invest to get started.

Each one of us has different favourites probably and that’s ok as all these are valid options. Pick the one that makes sense for you (or several if you think you can balance them) and see where it takes you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can a beginner make money online in the UK?

    You don’t have to have a lot of experience to make money online. What you need is to be willing to work hard. You can complete surveys, drive for ridesharing companies, start a blog, do freelancing on several platforms, and try to market your every skill.

  • What is the best at home job with no experience?

    You can try streaming on various social media platforms, completing surveys, or start a blog or vlog and see where it takes you. You don’t need experience, but you should have something you’re interested in and passionate about and want to learn as much as possible about it.

  • Can you actually win big money with casino jackpot slots?

    Yes, it’s a true possibility, but you need to remember that casino games are games of luck so there’s no guarantee. You could win a multimillion-pound jackpot, but you could also not win anything for a while. You could get small prizes often or big ones very rarely. All you can do is pick the best games and hope to get lucky.

  • What is the fastest way to make money in 2021 as a freelancer?

    Nowadays you can do all sorts of jobs as an influencer from graphic designer and copywriter to computer programmer. Each one of them could work fast and well, it depends on what you’re good at. You could make a lot of money and fast by being a content writer, but if you’re more into writing code than texts then you’ll probably have a better time as a programmer.