Buckle up for the Booming Games Interview about Exciting Bamboo Wilds!

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Please tell us your name, your position at Booming Games, and what your general responsibilities are.

My name is Aaron Axisa, and I currently hold the position of Head of Sales at Booming Games. Initially, I joined the company as an account manager, but in 2021, I made a career transition to the sales department. As the Head of Sales, my main responsibilities include leading the sales team, spearheading revenue growth, and actively contributing to the overall success of the company. The journey has been nothing short of incredible, and I am eagerly looking forward to what the future holds for me in the ever-thriving iGaming industry.

What do you think makes Booming Games stand out from the crowded marketplace of games studios?

Booming Games stands out from the crowded marketplace of game studios for a few fantastic reasons. First off, we genuinely prioritize our players and their experience. Our slots are carefully crafted with captivating graphics and themes, making them engaging and enjoyable for all. From classic fruit machines to the magical world of Egyptian mythology and beyond, there’s something for everyone in our game collection. But it doesn’t stop there! We take pride in our innovative features and bonus rounds that leave players thrilled and coming back for more. Our mobile-first approach ensures that you can take the fun with you wherever you go, without any compromise on quality or performance. What truly sets us apart is our awesome team of experts who pour their heart and soul into creating top-notch games. They keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends and developments, guaranteeing that our games are always ahead of the curve. In a nutshell, our passion for creating the best gaming experience for you, along with our dedication to excellence and staying ahead of the game, makes Booming Games shine in the competitive gaming market. We’re here to bring you pure excitement and joy in every gaming session.

Which is the slot with the biggest win recorded from Booming Games?

Our slots ensure everyone has a fair shot at landing a big win, regardless of their initial bet. With fantastic multipliers, impressive collectors, unique scatters, and even the elimination of minor symbols, the excitement never stops. Take, for instance, our Dice Dice Baby slot, a classic game with an excellent bonus round that boasts specific mechanics, granting players the chance to win up to 5000x their initial bet. The slot also features the Dice Dice Baby Feature, complete with Wild Reel Multipliers and Free Spins. Our streamers love The Rodfather Megaways, and we’ve witnessed numerous huge wins on this slot! With a whopping potential of 34200x, it’s undoubtedly one of our favorites from the Megaways collection. Now, let’s talk about a true Booming Games classic – Cash Pig. Prepare for an amazing slot experience with the Piggy Bank Collector, capable of multiplying winnings up to 8000x. The thrill is real with this one!

What are your three favourite Booming Games titles, and why?

My three favorite Booming Games titles are TNT Bonanza, The Wild Wings of Phoenix, and Piñata Wildz. Why? In TNT Bonanza I love the explosive fun and cascading reels feature, making each spin exciting. The Free Spins with Random Multiplier bombs take the excitement to the next level. The Wild Wings of Phoenix allows me to explore Maya civilization and the Expanding Wilds with Unlimited Free Spins make this adventure captivating. The Major Upgrade feature adds to the thrill. Piñata Wildz gives festive vibes, Wild Multipliers up to 5x, and Free Spins with Locked Wilds create a party atmosphere with big win potential. Each of these three games has unique features and themes that keep me entertained and engaged, making them stand out as my top favorites in Booming Games’ impressive collection.

What can you tell us about Bamboo Wilds?

Bamboo Wilds is an enchanting 5×3 slot with 20 paylines that offers an extraordinary gaming experience. The game features Wild Multipliers, with each Wild symbol holding a multiplier of up to 5x, paving the way for impressive payouts. The excitement reaches new heights when Wilds appear on the same payline, as their values combine, creating an exponential boost to your winnings. Players can immerse themselfs in the beauty of the bamboo forest and embark on an adventure filled with magical Wilds and the potential for incredible wins in Bamboo Wilds!

What drew you to this theme?

The theme of Bamboo Wilds was a deliberate choice, considering the popularity of Bamboo, Pandas, and Asian-inspired themes in the gaming industry. Our comprehensive portfolio was missing this theme, and we wanted to offer players the opportunity to explore diverse cultures and landscapes through our slot games.

Bamboo holds significant symbolism in many cultures, representing resilience, strength, and growth. By incorporating this positive symbolism into the game’s design, we aimed to create an immersive experience that evokes a sense of relaxation and harmony for players as they enjoy the gameplay.

Are there any key features you think players will really enjoy experiencing?

In my opinion, one of the key features that players will truly enjoy experiencing in Bamboo Wilds is the Free Spins round. When 3 or more Scatters land, it triggers an exciting 8 to 15 Free Spins with Walking Wild Multipliers. Throughout the Free Spins feature, all Wild Multipliers stay on the reels but move to new positions with each spin, leading to even larger and more rewarding Panda-sized payouts. This engaging and dynamic feature is bound to keep players entertained and thrilled as they chase big wins during the Free Spins round.

What is next from Booming Games, and – indeed – for the rest of 2023?

We are thrilled to be working on numerous projects, bringing you even more exciting gaming content and incredible products. Among the upcoming releases, we have some innovative gamification tools in the pipeline, promising to take your gaming experience to new heights.

Our talented team is actively developing games with unique mechanics, exploring new frontiers in the gaming world. Additionally, we’re focused on building brand awareness and expanding our reach worldwide. There’s no doubt that the road ahead is busy and filled with adventure. So, stay tuned and be part of our amazing journey as we continue to create remarkable gaming experiences for all our players!

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