Evoplay Launches the 1st Artbook and Comic Book for Star Guardians!

Posted by: John
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Fantastic news for all space-traveling lovers: Evoplay launches an amazing Artbook and Comic Book for the game Star Guardians! Now you get to experience the intergalactic adventures in the world of iGaming like never before. 

Star Guardians lets you explore entire galaxies, get accustomed to high-tech weapons and meet characters with complicated pasts. And with the surprise Artbook and Comic Book releases, you can be sure that you won’t miss any single detail from this amazing universe!

It is the first time in the history of the iGaming industry when a game is launched simultaneously with an Artbook and Comic Book. Evoplay breaks the ice and gives the game Star Guardians special treatment, as it is some of the most awaited games of the provider. 

Now you get the chance to get fully immersed into the universe of an iGaming product and get lost in its fantastic story. The Artbook and the Comic Book aim to help the fans understand the complexity of the story behind the game and prove that the depth of the plot is as important as the overall gaming experience. 

The Artbook consists of two parts. The first part unfolds as a story told by a survivor of a futuristic space war, while the second part includes details about the creative process of the game. The Comic Book lets you have an in-depth look at the characters and get to know their strengths, motivations, and unique backstories. 

You get to enter the individual worlds of Joe Butcher, Skyler, and Keliot, who make up the Star Guardians’ Special Forces Team and understand their intricate backgrounds and complexity. 

The days when iGaming was all about immediate entertainment are long gone. Now you’ve got entire worlds to discover, complicated plots that unfold in the background, and characters that come with powerful personalities. Evoplay’s launching of an Artbook and Comic Book is strong proof in this sense, and we can be sure that this event will be a game-changer for the industry.