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Playing Video Slots Online: Everything You Need to Know

Today Feb 20 2019

Video Slots

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Video slots are closer to video games than classic slots. They feature a number of reels (usually three, four, or five) in a style fitting the slot’s theme, but they tend not to be surrounded by a virtual machine unlike in classic slots.

Many online video slots are based on licensed properties, such as movies, TV shows, and comic-books. These video slots incorporate unique elements from their source materials, such as sound effects, snippets of dialogue, animations, characters, and more. Players tend to enjoy video slots because their high production values make them so engaging and exciting.

Video slots are popular as mobile games too, whether through apps or in-browser, and the best ones look fantastic on even the smallest screens (especially if they’re built with HTML5). Another major appeal of video slots is the bonus games. Landing a specific combination will trigger a bonus round: this may give you free spins for a limited time, or it could even be a mini-game with completely different gameplay to the core slot.

How do you Play Free Video Slots Online?

Video slots tend to be very accessible, so even the most inexperienced novice can jump in and have fun. They work on Random Number Generators, which keeps the results of your spins random and fair, so you never know when you’ll win or lose. Developers keep video slots simple to play, as they do with classic online casino slots. The reels sit in the centre of the screen, usually surrounded by a border, with buttons and displays in the remaining space. The most important of all is the ‘spin’ button, which performs the same function as pulling the lever on a slot machine.

Additional options include setting the size of your bet, adjusting each coin’s value, and possibly cashing out your current winnings. You can typically press an ‘auto-play’ button to set the reels spinning without your interaction if you don’t want to monitor your spends between each one. Each video slot has its own symbols, just as classic slots do, and you need to match multiple ones in a row to win. These will be relevant to the game’s theme: the Titanic slot game, for example, has symbols depicting Jack, Rose, and other iconic elements from the movie. Others tend to include face card values, classic fruits, and numbers. Wild symbols can substitute almost any other symbol (except for the Scatter).

The Scatter symbol will trigger bonuses or multipliers, to potentially boost your winnings. There will be different paylines for each slot, and they can vary in number from 10 to hundreds. You’ll find information on winning combinations through the video slot’s in-game information or in the casino’s own instructions. If all this actually sounds complicated, don’t worry! Online video slots are pretty simple and welcoming to all players – even if this is your first time at an online casino!

Playing Video Slots on SlotsCalendar

As mentioned above, video slots boast a dynamic style that makes them hugely enjoyable. There’s a video slot theme for everyone, whether you love a more traditional one revolving around jokers and fruits, or you want something featuring your favourite film or TV show. For example, if you’re a fan of the classic Batman series starring the legendary Adam West, software brand Playtech has created multiple video slots that go all out to capture the look, sound, and campy style the show is known for. Thousands of video slots are available. You can spend a long time browsing the variety at different online casinos slots, and even play some for free by clicking on ‘free play’ or ‘demo mode’. That’s a terrific way to see if you enjoy them before you spend any real cash. Video slots’ bonus features really expand the gaming experience too, adding more diversity and potentially boosting your wins. Feeling inspired to try a video slots yourself? Take a look at our pick of the best to get started!

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