Exploring PoggiPlay’s Gaming Universe: A Sit-Down with CTO Mikhail Ignatev

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what is your role at PoggiPlay? How did your journey in the gambling industry begin?

Hi, I’m Mikhail Ignatev, CTO at PoggiPlay. I manage product and development. I started my journey in the industry as a developer, always interested in math and statistics, and also have experience in developing casual mobile games. I tried my hand at various gaming projects and liked gamedev the most. All this led to the current position and is a good foundation for our projects. After all, our games are like casual mobile games crossed with math and statistics.

What are your top 3 favorite video slots from PoggiPlay, and what makes them stand out in terms of player engagement and experience?

— It’s hard to pick just 3, because the in-game engagement and experience of our games is built on vivid characters, rich storytelling, and memorable visuals, but definitely one of my favorites is Super City. The one about building your own town. Truth be told, it is pretty much a building simulator, with a variety of building parts, accessories and special items such as a helicopter or PoggiPlay disco. For each house built the player receives rewards, and the more expensive the better – with fences, lights, party roofs, etc.

Also, a game that was a pleasure to work on, which looks and feels quite unique, is Fuzzy Wuzzy. The slot is just being released to the general public, and it’s truly one of the most captivating games, taking the player to a mystical forest where extraordinary fluffy creatures hide from plain sight. The mysterious atmosphere, satisfying visual design, and upbeat music combine to create a game that is simply a pleasure to spend time in.

And of course, Deadly Diamond, carrying an essentially uncomplicated gameplay idea, manages to catch your eye. We wanted to capture the spirit of adventure, valuable rewards and danger through a forgotten lava-filled temple that holds a truly massive diamond in its depths. We looked at Indiana Jones movies, Lara Croft games, and others to capture the thrill of adventure and deliver it skillfully. You start to feel that adrenaline and excitement as you go through each pressure plate. It really became a bit like watching a movie.

What are some of the unique features and how do they contribute to the gaming experience?

Generally, our bonus games are similar to a casual gaming experience. However, we’re keeping a close eye on game-building trends and adding unexpected mechanics. For example, Purple Fox includes 27 variations of the bonus game, which keeps players from getting bored. Blueberry Island and Burial Warfare also have a very entertaining team selection feature. Blueberry Island Wilds depend on the team selected, and Burial Warfare has a Loss Bonus that accumulates as the game progresses. All of the games are designed to keep the player entertained, as each new round feels like a new adventure, thanks to the mechanics with lots of offshoots.

How do you incorporate elements of player psychology into the design of your slot games to enhance engagement and entertainment?

Our product is designed primarily for fun and entertainment. And the gameplay is like a roller coaster – after every slowdown there is always a storm of emotions from big wins and memorable visuals. It is pleasant to spend time in the game, where everything is focused on transmitting positive emotions. You will definitely not get bored!

How does player feedback shape the development of your new games? Can you give an example of a game that was significantly influenced by player input?

Space Collector (our first big success) was initially focused on simple spinning with no additional engaging mechanics, and that’s not fun. After launch, we realized there was room to grow, and based on player feedback, we added lore and a casual bonus game with a choice of flight path. That’s how we grow!

 Which slot game from PoggiPlay has recorded the biggest wins, and what do you think makes it so successful among players?

Purple Fox can serve as an exciting and awesome reward hunter due to the variety of bonus games, and in this game, someone recently won x2,500 the bet. We’re just getting started, so with a maximum possible prize of x5,000 in this game, everyone has a chance to score big!

 In the realm of high-stake games, how does PoggiPlay promote responsible gaming and ensure player safety?

All our games are certified to all regulations, this guarantees the player the RTP stated in the games. We responsibly fulfill all regulatory requirements and are fully on the side of fair gaming policy, transparency and clarity between us and the players.

From your experience at PoggiPlay, how do you gauge if a video slot game will be a hit? What factors are considered during development?

We focus on engaging visuals, breathtaking game mechanics and casual mobile-like experience. Personally I don’t know for sure if any game will hit, but we work carefully and diligently, inventing new techniques and mechanics so that each of our games will resonate with a wide variety of players. All of our games share a common goal to create the comprehensive PoggiPlay Universe. That’s what we try to do, first and foremost.

Looking ahead, what exciting developments or big releases can players expect from PoggiPlay?

I’ve already mentioned our two upcoming games: Fuzzy Wuzzy, which is about cute, mysterious forest creatures that you have to feed with marmalades, and Deadly Diamond, where you have to find your way through pressure plates of lava to a diamond. These are our new releases, and we’re sure players will love them. In the case of Fuzzy Wuzzy, it’s catchy visuals, light, cheerful background music, and eye-catching animations. This is truly one of the most original and captivating slots from PoggiPlay. And Deadly Diamond, simple to understand but exciting with its atmosphere, off-the-scale positive emotions, and full immersion into the world of fearless hunters for happiness and wealth.

And of course, we have a significant number of games in development right now. Concepts are being worked on, countless good ideas are being finalized, and great ideas are being implemented into new games. So stay tuned for more announcements!

Are there any upcoming jurisdictions where PoggiPlay is planning to get certification for its games, and what are the future plans for expanding your game portfolio?

In addition to our current collaborations and new licenses, which we will be announcing soon, we are working in a variety of directions, from Europe to Asia. The process is quite different everywhere, but we will continue to expand successfully in licensed markets in a diverse range of countries around the world.

Is there anything you would like to say to those who support PoggiPlay, before we conclude our interview?

Try our games, we put our hearts into them. We have a team of highly motivated, ambitious young people who are ready to disrupt the market with their ideas. And not just to take a piece of the market, but to saturate it with something new. Something beautiful, memorable, diverse and fun. See you in the PoggiPlay Universe!

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