Lucksome Game’s CEO Reveals 2023’s Winning Strategies and Hints at an Thrilling 2024!

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1. Hi! As we’re heading towards the end of the year, could I first ask what the key highlights for Lucksome have been this year?

This year was when Lucksome hit its stride.  We released some great games for our customers, added some great talent to our studio and matured a lot of our thinking around games design.  We debuted some unique mechanics – Hyperlines, FatStacks and Hyperboom.  We released games in the US market to strong success and of course Napoleon 2 FatStacks which has done brilliantly for us.

2. We’re looking forward to Big Hits Blazinator from you mid-Dec; what can you tell us about the base game?

BHB is about simplicity and big wins.  The Base Game is purely about the Fireball scatters.  Get 2 – you get Lucksome Locks.  Get 3 and you get the trigger picker – get more than 3 and you have a higher chance of getting a bigger Bit Hit Level for the Big Bonus Free Games – THAT’S where it gets interesting.

3. Could you take us through Lucksome Locks, Big Bonus and Two Wheel Gamble. How do they function and how will the experience be for players?

Of course!  Let’s talk Big Bonus first. You have as many Free Games as it takes to hit that Big Hit Level and then the bonus ends.  Or does it?  If you’re lucky enough to land Blue Fireballs, then you get more Big Hits allowing the bonus’s potential to increase significantly.  Red Fireballs in the Bonus will also increase the big hit level, giving this game a thrilling experience of “what next”?  Lucksome Locks and Wheel Gambles: as you know Lucksome likes to offer players optionality in their games experience.  Big Hits Blazinator offers 3 ways into the Bonus.  Lucksome Locks – on a 2 Scatter Near Miss – will be activated.  Players have a chance to wager 5x their selected base bet to spin in more scatters to trigger the bonus.  The Gamble is available only when enabled and with a win of 5x bet or more.  Players have a choice or gambling their winnings for Cash – or for a number Big Hits which if successful the player can enter the Bonus with.  Pretty exciting options for different play styles.

4. Do you feel pressure to create new features and mechanics for every game now?

Pressure no.  We must compete, we must look out there and see what’s going on but its better to look within, use your data and your experience on what feels good in a game.  If we have a feature we believe it, whether it’s new or not.  I think what’s important is making sure we provide a great experience.  I will say nothing beats the feeling of coming up with something unique and amazing like FatStacks though!

5. Your games always have a beautiful appearance. Without asking you to attack other games (!) why do you think some games developers don’t seem to care how their games look beyond very basic presentation?

Thank you for that, very nice to hear.  I’ve always said though, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some players like games that others would find ugly, it has no bearing on success unless you have matched the wrong aesthetic to the wrong player group.  There are some studios out there that focus on a specific type of game, and they know who their players are and make these games very well, and they aren’t necessarily the prettiest.  I would say that as HTML tech is always improving – games have indeed improved in graphical fidelity over the last years and that means (in my humble opinion) that all studios will need to stay up with that regardless of the game types they make.

6. Looking back over the last 12 months, is there a specific feature that’s appeared in one of your games you still love to play?

I love Hyperlines on Treasures of the Dead.  It’s the escalation – as a player you need to be patient – but wow those line multipliers can be big!

7. Do we still have more to come from Lucksome in 2023? If not, what game will you be opening 2024 with?

Miami Cash FatStacks goes network wide in January following its successful exclusive release earlier in the year.  We have a new Game called Mega Party Bucks that will have a player decision and skill element to it which is something new for us.  We will post a demo soon of this stay tuned!  We are working on something big, and we are also working on our first licensed branded title, which we are VERY excited about but hush hush for now!  As always if you want to know more about what we are up to please check us out on Instagram or YouTube. 

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