Lucksome Games’ founder tells everything about Fat Stacks Miami Cash!

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Please tell us your name and position

Hello. I’m Bryan Upton, founder of Malta-based casino game studio, Lucksome Games.

Please tell us about your new game, Fat Stacks Miami Cash

FatStacks Miami Cash is a 6-reel, up to 1 million ways pays slot game with a medium volatility and a maximum win of 15,000x your bet. It’s the first game to feature our new FatStacks™ mechanic, which sees identical symbols on a reel cascade and consolidate into double and triple symbols, increasing the number of ways to win progressively within a single spin all the way up to one million ways.

What are the key features you think players will love?

Firstly the “Bonus” trigger is unique in only requiring one Bonus Symbol and Luxpots symbols to hit the desired triggering rung. If you have more Bonus Symbols in view you need less Luxpots symbols, this is because the bonus symbol acts like a Luxpot symbol too!

When the Free Games bonus is triggered players are taken to a Pick’em game where they must get three matches to determine the number of Free Spins with 25 up for grabs.  From there you’ll encounter bigger prize values in Luxpots with a max win of 15,000x, FatStacks galore the powerful ladder modifiers only found the Bonus, Merge and Platinum upgrade.

What led to choosing this theme for your latest game?

The joyous union of the 80’s and the party scene in Miami brought this game together.  The team love 80’s music and the palm tree laden sunsets you see so often of Miami.  The game is all action, just like an 80’s party, so the mechanics seem to match the theme.

What exactly is “Fat Stacks”?

We wanted to innovate the way the number of ways are given to players from spin to spin.  On popular mechanics like Megaways, you are limited to the number of ways that happen at the beginning of the spin.  With FatStacks the number of ways is not fixed.  So a player can start with one number of way, win and then the number of ways can increase again, within the SAME spin!  This is all while seeing symbols doubling and tripling.  FatStacks is a pretty fun mechanic all round.

How does the Luxpots mechanic fit into the play?

Along with FatStacks we have our tried and testing Luxpots Prize Ladder feature, but with some unique innovations.  Just like our other Luxpots games, you collect Luxpots in a spin, the more you get the higher you land on the Prize Ladder, the bigger the prize! Players will be excited looking for the Ladder Modifier symbols in the game which all do something to the Ladder.  Luxpots has five unique Ladder modifiers symbols. The Upgrade; upgrades all prizes levels to the prize above. Shuffle; always improves your current win by swapping it with a prize tier from above. Transform; adds more Luxpots symbols to the reels for bigger ladder wins. Merge is exclusive to the Bonus; Merges two prize tiers together to improve the chances of hitting a higher prize tier and finally Platinum upgrade that upgrades the entire ladder to a whole new set of better prizes, this can be won twice!

What’s next for Lucksome?

There are plenty of more announcements coming from Lucksome, but for now it’s all about shades and anklewarmers!

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