Meet The Slots Creators – Amigo Gaming’s Business Development Director Marga Fernandez interview!

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what is your role at Amigo Gaming?

I’m Marga Fernandez, Business Development Director at Amigo Gaming. I’m from Barcelona, Spain and I’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years. I’ve been in different positions and both operator and provider, so I’ve a broad vision of the industry.

How did you first start in the gambling industry? What were the initial challenges?

I started in the industry back in 2011. I was supposed to work in my first gaming company for just 1 month and I’m still here. I was hired to help to gain the Curacao and Spain licenses, I had no experience at all about gaming and even less about licenses. 12 years ago, online gaming was not regulated as it is now.

With so many game studios on the market, what do you think is the biggest differentiator for Amigo Gaming?

We understand the specific needs of every market. Cultural characteristics are an important factor, for instance, so we implement our findings into the slot games we offer.

Can you please tell us what is the slot with the Biggest Wins from Amigo Gaming? We are sure our readers would like to give it a spin, if they haven’t already.

Nowadays, if we speak about classic our casino slots, Blazing Crown is the game with the best performance, along with the Mega Crown and Regal Fruits 100 and for the thematic ones Amigo Monkey is one of the most played.

What are your top 3 favorite slots from Amigo Gaming? Can you please tell us the reasons behind your choices?

My Top 3 favorite slots are Blazing Crown, Thai Charm and Arena Pin Win.

Blazing Crown, because it is a very good classic fruit slot game. I love the vintage look and   feel. 

Arena, because it is the first game where we introduce our new feature PIN WIN.

Thai Charm, I love the graphics of these games.

But in any case, any game has its own attractive feature that makes all the slots special.

What is the most important aspect of a slot from your perspective?

It’s difficult to answer this question. Could be several aspects that are important, graphics,  RGN, the RTP, Scatter symbols, Bonus…there is not a single aspect. 

Is there any way to predict if a slot is going to be a hit or not?

Not really, as I commented before, we can release a game with a feature that we are sure is going to be really “cool” and in the end it won’t work. And the other way round.

Looking to the future, what is the next big release Amigo Gaming is planning?

We release 2 games each month. Next releases are one thematic game Carnevale di Venezia and one classic game Regal Crown 25.

If you weren’t in the gambling industry, what other industry would you want to work in?

I did get my university degrees both in Political Science and Geography, and I think I would work in urban or political geography

Is there anything you would like to transmit to those who support Amigo Gaming, before we say goodbye?

Many thanks to choose Amigo Gaming slots and play with our games. I promise that we don’t disappoint you with our next releases.

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