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Madis Raus is the Head of OneTouch Games, an ambitious and innovative company with high hopes for the future. Watch Mr. Raus speak about some of his company’s biggest successes so far, its plans for the future and the state of the gaming industry in this exclusive interview:

How was the convention until now for you?

It has been really busy for us because we are actually selling several different products, not only slots and table games, but also live casino and the Bombay experience, so yeah, it’s been quite a busy show for us. 

What was your most popular game in 2022?

I think our most popular game in 2022 was one of the lateral slots that we released called Grand Heist because we released a new UI for that game as well, so this went really well.

What’s your most played slot in history?

Our most-played slot in history probably is our Woodrow Glass Blackjack. It still works really well, players like it, it’s really well done for the mobile portrait view, so most of the traffic comes from mobile. And the second game, actually playerwise I think is Lucky Lion, which is one of the first slots that we did and is still played a lot nowadays. 

Any new ideas for slots in 2023?

Yes, we have several good new slots in development. We now have some new team members who are gambling a lot themselves as well, so a few hours a day they spend just looking at the slots so we have some good new insight based on what we will build our new slots as well. So the next title I think I can honor the name is the Valka Team which is an exciting new title that is going to be released in the middle of this year.

Live games or slots?

I think it’s a combination of both. As I already mentioned, we do live games as well, and we kind of try to combine the elements from the RNG games into live games as well. So, there are interesting side bets that you can have which are virtual and have a bit different bets when compared to regular live games, so yeah, I think it’s a combination, the future is a combination of those two.

Can people cheat the slots?

My answer is probably no. At least if a slot is done correctly, then you cannot. But, if you can end play or if you can quit playing at the right moment, you can still be ok with your balance. But yeah, in the long term, no, probably not.

Which do you think will be the greatest hit from the slot category this year?

It’s really hard to tell, but we have some new slots, which I already mentioned as well, in development. The Valka Team is probably one of the greatest hits. We have some new blackjack table game coming out as well, Bombay Blackjack. If this is ok, we will try to brand for bigger operators as well… And I think also some light games are coming out this year that we sequel to big things. So yeah, we are working on a game show as well, not to get any dates promising out, but hopefully, next year, it will come out.

What’s the biggest win you’ve seen in this industry from your perspective?

I think I’ve seen some big wins, obviously in Hacksaw and Nolimit City games. Some streamers, I think, win amounts to 3 million, so those probably are the biggest ones. But of course, there are high rollers who also play table games with very big bets, and even if the payout is only like one to one, then the win amount could be like millions as well.

Did the recession affect the industry?

I think the recession is kind of to come. The second half of last year had some effect already, I mean not to us because we are an expanding or growing business, so it doesn’t affect maybe so much for me to feel it. If we were more established and already had big operators included, then it may have an effect. But, I mean, if you think logically, the first thing you can save is entertainment, so yeah, probably some casual players are like keeping it lower these amounts that they spend, so there is probably some effect, yes.

I want to know your personal favourite slot.

My personal favourite slot probably is one of the slots we are releasing in 2023. As I already mentioned, the Valka Team slot looks pretty promising, and we have another slot already in development as well, which looks very promising. 

Do you change your favourite slot from year to year?

Yeah, like a few months ago, I think I was a very big fan of Hacksaw slots, for example, so yes. I mean, the volatility there is just great, but it’s maybe not so interesting to play since you are chasing only the penguins, it’s kind of the math that it’s really well done in Hacksaw Games, and the quality, of course as well exceptional, the music, everything.  

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