Slingo Innovations: Gaming Realms’ 2024 Outlook

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what is your role at Gaming Realms? How did your journey in the gambling industry begin?

Thanks for having me! I’m Ayla and I’m the Marketing Manager at Gaming Realms. Having been in the industry for over seven years, I am now in charge of promoting Gaming Realms as a brand and ensuring players, operators and the industry in general, are aware of our new titles, innovations and the magic we are creating behind the scenes.

What challenges have you faced in evolving the Slingo series, and how have you addressed them?

Slingo is a one-of-a-kind genre that combines the excitement of slots with the strategic depth of bingo. It has attracted a devoted following of players who appreciate its unique blend of mechanics and while some longtime users understand the intricacies of Slingo, we’re constantly welcoming new enthusiasts who are discovering the fun found within our games for the first time.

However, as we add new features and mechanics to keep the genre fresh, we recognise that it can make the game more complex for newcomers. Educating players about our titles’ mechanics can be a challenge, but one we’re committed to overcoming.

What emerging trends in the online gaming industry are you most excited about, and how is Slingo planning to integrate these into future slot games?

The iGaming industry thrives on innovation, and I’m always eager to dive into the “New” section when opening a casino and test out fresh concepts from providers. We will also be delivering new gameplay experiences for players this year, including the Re3ls™ mechanic.

This will see players gathering re-spins through the creation of Slingo lines with a special symbol expanding the reels present allowing for more symbols to land. These can gather instant win prizes, multipliers and every prize landed on the gameboard thus far! It is certainly an exciting new mechanic for Gaming Realms, and I can’t wait to see players explore its potential. This feature won’t be released until the summertime and I look forward to coming back to discuss it in more depth!

What are your top 3 favourite Slingo games?

Slingo Money Train is one of my favourites. It fully captures the fun and excitement of one of Relax Gaming’s biggest hits and evolves the IP to align with the Slingo format. This means both new and returning players to Money Train have something to get excited about when opening the title.

Tetris Slingo is also up there for being one of my top Slingo releases. It offers a fun blend of iconic arcade visuals and Slingo fun, and its alignment with the nostalgia of the 80s really sets it apart from other titles within our portfolio. It was also great to work with The Tetris Company, Inc. to truly capture the essence of the classic within iGaming.

Slingo Gold Cash is also in my top three although not currently playable, its imminent release will see Gaming Realms reimagine Inspired Entertainment’s hit game Gold Cash Free Spins. I’m always impressed at how well we recreate a slot when transforming it into the Slingo genre and its art design, graphics and theme create recognisable fun gameplay and is sure to be a hit upon release on the 1st of April.

What are the top 3 slots from Slingo that you believe uniquely capture player engagement, and what makes them stand out?

Our recent release Slingo Constitution Hill delivers player engagement by having two different game mechanics working concurrently to deliver a unique entertainment experience. Players will be forming lines of Slingo by matching numbers on the game board and each of these matched numbers will reveal a colour. A corresponding-coloured horse will progress around a racetrack when revealed, collecting instant win prizes and a jackpot prize for finishing the race. This multifaceted release is remarkably different from others on the market and boasts the famous racehorse, Constitution Hill, as its star!

Slingo Wolf Snowstorm also stands out, for its use of transforming reel sizes. Each spin, the reels can reveal up to four numbers or just one. This combined with four different randomly triggered features, which can also change the reel layout, means that every spin players have is unique and engaging.

Slingo Pirate’s Treasure also captures player engagement with its multiple bonus rounds that will see users head into battle and shoot canons at a variety of ships to sink them which grants cash rewards. Its immersive and interactive elements are a departure from others within our portfolio and has captured players’ attention long after its initial release window.

Which Slingo game has recorded the biggest wins, and what do you think makes it so successful among players?

For both ourselves and our players, the draw of our titles isn’t necessarily the big win potential present, although some of our Slingo games offer jackpot prizes such as Slingo Constitution Hill and others that have max wins surpassing 1000x. It’s more the engagement, interaction and strategy that players adore about our portfolio, as opposed to insurmountable wins of 50,000x.

In the realm of high-stake games, how does Slingo promote responsible gaming and ensure player safety?

At Gaming Realms, responsible gaming and compliance are our top priorities and we’re committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all players. One way we promote responsible gaming is through our unique game design. Unlike fast-paced slots, Slingo allows players to pause between spins and make thoughtful decisions.

We go even further by prompting players who have significantly increased their stake size whilst playing. A confirmation message ensures they’re aware of the change and encourages responsible wagering. On top of that, our games clearly display the total amount staked in each round, promoting transparency and responsible play.

By combining innovative game design with responsible features and a commitment to compliance, Slingo strives to be a leader in safe and enjoyable gaming.

From your experience at Gaming Realms, how do you gauge if a slot game will be a hit? What factors are considered during development?

A lot of our titles are created using established IPs and with slots like Slingo Space Invaders, Tetris Slingo and Deal or No Deal Slingo, there is an existing audience of enthusiasts, who will play our titles through mere curiosity about how we have evolved the IP into the Slingo mechanic.

New IPs are driven by one fundamental – fun. We want our games to be a departure from others on the market and a genre in its own right, with exciting, engaging elements being the main draw for players. Factors including art design, theme, mechanics and if it can provide players with a new experience are necessary questions we ask ourselves during a title’s development.

Is there anything you would like to say to those who support Gaming Realms before we conclude our interview?

Keep your eyes out for new games, new mechanics and Slingo titles being available in more places than ever before. Our upcoming roadmap is filled with some of the most innovative and engaging experiences yet and we are thrilled to be sharing these projects with players!

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