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4ThePlayer is a super new casino software provider that was launched in July 2018 by two gaming industry veterans, Andrew Porter and Chris Ash. While the two founders have decades of experience in the industry, the company is still very young which is why it’s so amazing that they know exactly “who they want to be when they grow up” and have very clear Unique Selling Points.

Their purpose is to create games 4ThePlayer because they are all casino players and know what players want and need. They aim for full transparency and a lot of fun and definitely no BS. They aim to create games that are truly exciting for gamblers, that have no confusing gameplay, innovative and unique themes and features and are just fun and productive to play.

They approach casino games in a truly modern way, they go mobile first because that’s what the modern player needs: to be able to play whenever and wherever, fast and easy.

4ThePlayer Current Games

While at the moment they’ve only launched 2 casino games, an exciting and unique slot game called 9K Yeti and 100 Bit Dice, the original Crypto game reborn, we can easily extrapolate what we’re going to see from them from here on.

9K Yeti tells the story of mountain climbers that take on Everest, not knowing that they are about to face a super scary Yeti (super detailed, 3D graphics to make it even creepier). There are 4096 ways to win, a max win of over 9000x, free spins, snowstorm feature, guaranteed wins and the exclusive Big Reel Portrait Mode made specifically for mobile use that will stack reels on top of each other.

4ThePlayer Upcoming Games

4ThePlayer promises to deliver only games with 100% adult designs, no childish themes or styles, and as you’ll see soon enough they seem to be keeping their promise. The 9K Yeti slot game is a good indicator that they mean business and we’re really excited for the slot games that they plan on launching in just a couple of months. It won’t be long until you can enjoy Zeus vs Thor, 1 Left Alive or Shark. Each one of them seems to have incredible 3D graphics and the themes don’t look childish at all.

We’re looking forward to the launch of these three slot games and can’t wait to see what else 4ThePlayer will be bringing to the table. Keep your eye on them, they’re going to be doing great things in the future!

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