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Ganapati PLC was established in December 2013 entrepreneurs from across the globe that all had a lot of experience in the industry. In 2016 they entered the iGaming sector officially and started to supply international online gaming markets with some truly high-quality and immersive online casino games. The Japanese influence is clear as day, you won’t have any doubts that this is a Japanese company as their themes, their style and everything about them will remind you of the Japanese culture. From old-school art, all the way to contemporary manga they have it all and they also blend them together to create something even more wonderful.

At the moment they have around 20 slot games, but they are rapidly growing not just in quantity, but also quality and notoriety. It won’t be long until the get to the top and become one of the most well-known software providers of the industry.

Best Ganapati PLC Slot Games

Ganapati has some seriously amazing online slots. Not only are the themes really great ranging from cuisine to cute animals, from epic heroes, warriors and wizards to beautiful women and even Sci-Fi cities. We’ve checked out every game they’ve ever made and decided that these five online slot games are the best they’ve created this far:

Each of them brings something unique to the table. It could be the overall theme, the storyline, the graphics and animations or even the bonus features, but they are all really, truly great.

How Can I Recognize Ganapati PLC Slots?

The main thing that all Ganapati slots have in common is the fact that they are all somehow related to Japanese culture. It could be the graphic design, the actual theme or storyline. Most of them have a story behind them which really manages to immerse you in the game and make you a lot more interested in what’s going on on the reels. 

Apart from the exceptional graphic design, they also have animations which they insert not only at the beginning of the game but also in the background of the reels and also have mini-clips that trigger when you launch some bonus features. We’ve noticed that, for example, they have a special way with rain. Some of their slots feature animations of rain in the background and they are designed in a very intricate and life-like manner. 

Jumping from graphics, animations and themes, another thing that Ganapati games have in common is the fact that they have relatively low max bets, that go up to 20 or 25. 

Can I Play Ganapati PLC Games at UK Casinos?

While they are still quite new on the market compared to other casinos and haven’t really grown so much as to have a lot of online casinos offering their games, Ganapati is present in several top online casinos. We’ve searched high and low and decided that these three casinos are definitely the best places to play Ganapati online slots:

If you’ve never played their games before you should definitely check them out. We’re sure that you will not only not be sorry, but you’ll actually love them. Have fun!

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