5 Tips That Make You a Better Player at Online Roulette

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So you think you know how to play roulette but you would like to make sure that you know how to win at online roulette. Well, the thing is that these two things are very well tied together and to be able to win you will need to make all the necessary adjustments to take the way you’re playing to the ultimate level and figure out how to consistently win at online roulette. 

Even the best online roulette tips won’t do you that much good unless you are making really good choices all the time. Online gambling is a fickle thing because it’s based on luck and the way you win is to take the luck out of the equation as much as possible and base your gameplay on facts and numbers and common sense rather than weird tricks and strategies that most of the time don’t work. 

You won’t find out how to win at online roulette every time you play because no matter what some shady websites might say that is not a possibility, you can’t control any casino game, you can’t rig games to work in your favour or cheat the system. But what you can do is have fun, stay safe and maybe even make a profit. But let’s get down to the tips that can really help you improve and have the best chances!

How to Win at Roulette Online Casino Games

There are several things you can do to make sure that you have the best possible odds of winning when playing roulette. Most of them, except a few that are very specific, will apply to all types of online casino games from slots all the way to live dealer games. If there’s one thing that’s always important it’s playing responsibly and you should remember that if you’re not in the right mindset you shouldn’t play, you should fix your issues first.

Bankroll Management

Even before you begin playing you need to set limits. Make sure that you go over your entire month’s budget and take into account rent, utilities, food and all other necessities, set that money aside and never touch it. You need a special entertainment budget, one that you wouldn’t mind losing when playing roulette online, just as you wouldn’t mind spending it on cinema tickets. 

This means that when you play and have a bankroll of let’s say £200 when you’ve reached that amount you will under no circumstance deposit more and take money from other funds. When you’ve reached that sum you just stop and get back at it again another time, another month.

Also, remember to conserve that bankroll. It won’t be that much fun on the same budget discussed earlier if you just make two £100 bets. Chances are that you might play two games and that’s it for the whole month. Instead, make small bets and take your time to build up that bankroll. This way you will statistically win some, lose some and end up playing for a longer time and might even finish the month on +. 

Play for Free Before You Play for Real Money

While in the old brick and mortar days playing for free wasn’t really an option, now that we’ve come all the way to online gambling and mobile gambling, things have changed and you can easily play for free in demo mode almost all online casino games. 

Except for live dealer games that aren’t available for free at this moment, almost all games of all kinds are at your disposal. So before you jump into real money play it’s a great idea to practice and play for free all different types of online roulette. 

This way, you get to learn all the rules and understand the game, test different strategies and experiment with coins and see what the appropriate bets are. You get to practice with 0 risks and become a better player. After you’ve tried all listed free roulette games you can honestly say that you are ready to take things to the next level.

Play Online Roulette Games at Trusted Online Casinos

So you’ve practised for free in demo mode for a while and you think you’re ready to play with the big boys. Well, you can’t just play at any online casino site. You need to do your research and pick a trusted online casino, one that’s licensed and fair and not shady at all. Where you can be safe and know for sure that if you win you can actually withdraw the funds with no hassle.

We’ve narrowed things down for you a lot and came up with a list of top  roulette sites you can check out. We’ve reviewed each and every one of them so that you will have a much easier time deciding which one is the right one for you. 

A fair and legal online casino site will have a good license, state of the art SSL encryption, a professional customer support team, many different payment methods, a wide array of games and promotions and many other perks in store for you. Even so, it’s up to you to decide what are the most important perks you look for and pick the casino that has the highest percentage of them because all players are different and have different preferences.

Know the Odds for All Variations, Pick the Best Odds

An interesting fact about online roulette is that you can theoretically win a lot of money by betting on one number, but you have better chances of winning a smaller amount with many different numbers. Basically, the more numbers you bet on, the higher your chance of winning is.

Another fact to consider is that the different variations of online roulette have different odds. So, for example, you have 48.6% odds of winning an even-money bet at European Roulette, but just 46.3% chances of winning the same bet on an American Roulette.

While all roulette variations are fun, European Roulette and French Roulette will give you improved chances when compared to the American version. Check out our European Roulette guide if you’re a beginner and want to make sure you’re giving yourself the best odds.

Remember the House Edge

The casino always has an edge, they are running a business and trying to make a profit, so no matter if you’re playing online or offline you need to remember that it’s there and that there’s just no way for you to find a game that doesn’t have one. But what you can do, is pick an online casino game that has the lowest possible house edge.

No matter what type of casino you’re playing at – online or land-based – the house always has an edge. If we go on a roulette example: the European roulette has 37 numbers while the American roulette has 38 numbers, while that extra 0 doesn’t seem like a big difference it actually greatly affects the house edge bringing it up from 2.7% to 5.26%.

So look at the house edge, look at the RTPs, check out the volatility, make sure you make smart choices. 

Also, keep in mind that the gambler’s fallacy isn’t a thing and just because you’ve been losing the last couple of spins it doesn’t mean that a big win is just around the corner. Roulette and every other casino game – they are all random. You might win, you might lose, there’s no way you can tell what’s going to happen.

Outside Bets vs Inside Bets

As you know, when playing online roulette you can make outside and inside bets. While you can choose whichever you want and change from one to the other, you should make sure you know what the advantages and disadvantages of both of them are. 

The inside bets have a bigger payout, but they are also less likely to hit. The outside bets are more likely to come up, but they have smaller payouts.

Betting on red/black, odd/even or high/low gives you better chances. If you make small bets on more probable numbers then not only will be able to enjoy yourself for a longer period of time but, in the long run, chances are that even with small bets and small payouts you will finish on a profit, as opposed to large bets on high payout bets that will most likely land you in a deficit.

All these tips apply to offline roulette, online roulette and even on other games from our live dealer casino sites. Make the right calls, play safe, don’t fall for the high risk – high reward stuff and play to have fun. If you’re having fun and are playing responsibly, chances are you are going to win at online roulette in the long run.