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Today Jun 24 2022

Free Roulette Games

Online Roulette Game in Demo Mode

Online roulette is one of the most popular table games you can play both for real money and completely for free. In fact, roulette is a beloved game in all its forms, from the classic version in brick and mortar casinos, online roulette, live dealer roulette and even to VR roulette, each variant has its fans.  Probably the best thing is that you can play roulette online for free and get to experience what each kind has to offer with 0 risks and 100% fun. All the free roulette wheel online versions are identical to those you would find in online casino sites for real money in terms of design, features, payouts, RTPs, and everything else, the only difference is that you play for fun in demo mode.  There’s no question as to why roulette online UK players think that this is one of the best casino games you could play online because when you play roulette online you get a much lower house edge than you usually get in slots and with so many variants you can test, free roulette games never get boring.  So let’s see what makes roulette online free games so popular, how many different types of roulette you can play online and destroy common misconceptions along the way. 

Why Play Free Online Roulette

Any variant of a roulette online game is actually a really simple game to play, even for beginners. You just place a bet on any number or section of the table layout and the online roulette wheel is then given a spin.  There is no way to influence the outcome and most types of bets have a similar return to player so the only way to have some control over your odds is by changing your bets so that the volatility works in your favour. The most interesting thing about online roulette is that almost all variations are available to be played for free which means that you have amazing chances of learning to play it flawlessly and thus improving your chances of winning when playing it for real. No matter what free online roulette game we’re talking about, the perks of playing for free still apply:
  • You get to practice for free and hone your skills
  • You can figure out the differences between all types of online roulette
  • You can decide what’s the best online roulette variant for you
  • There is 0 risk so 100% fun
  • You can test strategies and bet sizes and find out what works for you
  • You can try new games for free and see if they’re worth it
Also, playing for free is the best way to learn exactly how to play roulette and how to use the best online roulette tips to continuously improve.  Let’s see what the most popular types of roulette are and what the differences between them are so that you can figure out which ones you would like to play.  Remember that most of them can be played for free and you will find them on this page. You can play them with no deposit, no download and no registration, directly and instantly from any device of your choosing. No matter if you are on a mobile device or on a laptop, all you need to do is click on the game you want and just play. 

American Roulette

This type of roulette has 38 sections on the online roulette wheel (0, 00 and numbers from 1 to 36). This is the main differentiator between a free American roulette online game and all the other variations, the fact that it doesn’t just have 0 but also 00. Apart from this, all roulette games are pretty similar. Consequently, if you learn how to play American roulette online, you can easily switch to other types and ace them. American roulette is one of the most played and widely available variations of online roulette. An interesting fact is that while records show that it isn’t as old as it’s European or French brothers, American roulette is considered by a lot of players to be the classic version of the game.  The thing is that the addition of this 00 isn’t really a good thing for players because it increases the house edge and brings your odds of winning down. Generally, American roulette has a lower RTP than European versions, for example, standing around 94.74% as opposed to 97.3%.  Therefore, you should play American roulette for fun in demo mode as it’s free and it doesn’t really matter if, when or how much you win. But in the real money version, you’re better off trying a different variant.

European Roulette

European roulette has 37 sections on the roulette wheel (0 and numbers from 1 to 36) and for this reason, it offers way better odds than other versions, especially the American one. Basically, the house edge is calculated simply as in European roulette the ball landing on 0 gives the house an advantage so having an extra 00 in the American one will obviously increase the house advantage.  The European roulette online version is the roulette you’ve probably seen the most often as it is the basis for all the other types. If you learn how to play this one you’ll be good at playing any other type as there is very little difference.

French Roulette

While it may sometimes be ignored or considered to be the same as European roulette, the French roulette is actually slightly different. It is indeed pretty much the same, except for the fact that it features all the words in the French language in most variants, but there are also a couple of different rules in place. In fact, it actually gives you an advantage because of these extra rules as they minimize the online casino’s advantage. French roulette is generally played with a rule that’s called "La Partage" and this will change the RTP of certain bets. The La Partage rule means that a player will only lose half of the bet if the ball lands on zero on all outside bets.  There’s also the En Prison Rule in French roulette which places inside bets "in prison" when the ball lands on 0. Consequently, instead of getting half the bet back like in the La Partage rule, here, the bet will stand for the next spin. If on the next spin you win the bet then you get out of jail free, while if you lose then you forfeit the whole bet.

Virtual Roulette

In the most recent and outstanding developments, you can now play virtual reality roulette. Microgaming launched VR roulette that uses the Oculus Rift DK 2 headset to bring you a whole new experience.  Virtual roulette lets you play at a European-style table hosted by a robot. The way it works is that a controller tracks your hand movements so you can place bets, change wager size and interact with the surroundings. You’ll feel as if you’re in front of a real-life table and you’ll get an authentic roulette experience. And also, keep in mind that VR Roulette is suitable for both low and high rollers, the only thing is that you need the technology to access it. Microgaming is looking into creating American and French versions in the future, as the popularity and accessibility of VR rise. 

Other Types of Online Roulette

While the American, European and French versions of roulette are the most common ones, the fun doesn’t have to end here because there are many other variations worth trying. You can also check out Mini Roulette, Multi Ball Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette and even Live Dealer Roulette. While most versions are free, live dealer roulette cannot be played in demo mode and is only available for real money. But this is the case with all live dealer games at the moment. We hope that someday they will become available for free, but until then you should know that knowing how to play online roulette translates to the live dealer version.  There aren’t any major differences except for the fact that you can interact with a real dealer and make the experience closer to the one you would get in a land-based casino.

Online Roulette for Real Money

While there are countless benefits to playing online free roulette, there is something that it can’t do and that’s to bring you real winnings that you can keep. No matter how much you play you will never be able to transform play credits into real funds. This is where playing online roulette for real money comes into play.  The only thing is that you need to remember that you must practice responsible gambling and only switch to real play after you’ve tried to play roulette online free and have learned everything about how to play, how to bet and how everything works.  As you make the switch you will not only need the best online roulette tips, but you need to keep in mind that the only way to minimalize the risk of losing (apart from practising responsible gambling) is to play at the best roulette sites that are perfectly safe and legal.  Picking the right online casino site to play online roulette at is crucial not just for your safety, but also to have the best casino experience, a lot of fun and, of course, the best winning odds.  You will see that we review all the best online casino sites so you can easily find out what each of them has to offer and have an easier time choosing the one that fits all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is free roulette the same as real money roulette?

    Free roulette works exactly the same way as real money roulette in terms of graphics, features, bet sizes, RTP, volatility etc. The only difference between them is that when it’s free you can’t win any real money as you are not playing with real funds but with free credits. That’s why the free version of any game should be played for practice because the experience is the same and you really get to understand the game and how it works. 

  • Is free roulette available on mobile devices?

    Most of the games that you will find in our collection are available on all devices, including laptops, desktop systems, tablets and smartphones. By accessing them through a web browser you should be able to play them no matter what device you choose.

  • How does the James Bond roulette strategy work?

    There are several types of roulette strategies you can try, but in recent years a lot of players have been interested in the James Bond roulette strategy. While it might sound cool, the James Bond strategy actually heavily relies on a different strategy called the Martingale.  It is progressive and you must choose a bet in proportion, which will be split into three parts (70%, 25% and 5%). Just as it works with Martingale, the bet will be doubled if you lose. The original strategy of James Bond was with £200 for one spin and this sum is considered by the strategy’s fans as the optimal amount.  As all strategies of this kind, you must remember that while it might work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will. Seeing as the bets would be quite high, choose a different strategy if you are not comfortable with these sums. Remember to play responsibly and if you wish to test any strategies, test them by playing free roulette and see if they work on our games before testing them in real money version. 

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