Big Win of €7.388 at Barn Festival!

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Barn Festival awarded a cash prize of €7388 after the most exciting bonus round!

The slots by Pragmatic Play strike again! Barn Festival is the new star on the hall of fame of big wins, as it awarded no less than €7388 after a few spins in a bonus round!

Why is the bonus round so profitable? First of all, you need only 4 money symbols to activate it. Then it will be very easy to gain a lot of prizes, as the following money symbols trigger 3 repins every time they land. There’s no need to say you can get a lot of extra spins in this case!

Our lucky player got himself 18 respins. This an amazing amount for his wallet, considering the fact that the money symbols come with multipliers that add up and each multiplier can go to hundreds! This means it may take even a few spins to get yourself a nice prize. In 18 spins, the player reached a total multiplier of 2000x bet! You can see the extreme gameplay in this video

Moreover, the player started with a very small bet of only €0.37. We can say that he chose the slot wisely, as he started with a small bet of less than €1 but he chose a slot that comes with crazy multipliers, so it compensated for the small initial deposit! We should keep his strategy in mind for our following spinning sessions!

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