Huge £10.268 Win on Crystal Cavern Megaways!

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What can you do with only 12 free spins? You can get the win that will change your life! 

On 28th of December, a slot player made a decision that would certainly make his New Year far more different than he could have ever expected. He was inspired enough to test his luck on one of the most amazing slots from Pragmatic Play: Crystal Cavern Megaways

We cannot know for sure what sum the player expected to win with an initial bet of only £1.40. But one thing is certain: he could not have seen the tremendous amount of £10.268 coming! With less than £2, this lucky player made himself a fortune! He got 7336x more money than he bet! 

And this is not even the craziest part. It took the player only 12 free spins to get his hands on this epic prize! That’s right, he made £10.268 out of £1.40 in only a bonus round! See for yourself in this video!

With winnings this big, we can’t wait to see who’s the next lucky winner! 

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