Sticky/No Sticky Bonuses When Playing Online Slots

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Let’s cut straight through the pleasantries and get into what we came here to say: sticky bonuses are casino bonuses that you can’t withdraw from the casino, while no-sticky bonuses are the gambling ”holy grail” that you’ve been looking for. 

All online casino sites give out welcome bonuses, and while some are pretty lame, others give you enormous amounts to play with. But some of them are sticky, so make sure you look for the “strings attached” that you’re better off skipping.

If the online casino site you’ve made an account at allows you to withdraw your winnings (even what’s left of your initial deposit bonus) after you’ve completed the wagering then that’s the non-sticky bonus. Why grab it? Because it’s so much easier to cash out and even make a profit.

What Does a No Sticky Bonus Look Like?

No-sticky bonuses have the huge advantage of giving players better odds of cashing out. Players usually get lost in the many welcome bonuses they find and are drawn into the tangled web of casinos without realising whether they have gotten sticky or non-sticky bonuses.

This wouldn’t have been such a big deal, if they wouldn’t play, get to withdrawal and realise that the sticky offer has been removed from their account. So, yeah, make sure you read the T&Cs. If you see things like “for play or wagering purposes only” then you’ve found a sticky one. 

If you ignore the T&Cs, you won’t figure it out because online casinos have some complicated ways of writing them so they can hook you in.

Here’s an example of bonuses to compare what happens with each of them. 

You get 100% up to €100 on your first deposit. 

For a sticky offer, the €100 combines with the 100%, and you have €200 bonus money that can’t be cashed out until you’re done with the wagering.

For a no-sticky, you start playing with your €100 first, and if you win with it, you can just cancel the bonus and withdraw what you already have. If you lose your €100, then you start playing with the €100 in bonus money which will require that you complete the wagering before you withdraw.

No Sticky Bonuses vs Sticky Bonuses

Long story, short – if you see 400%, 500% bonuses there’s a big chance they’re sticky because most non-sticky bonuses are around 100% or at most 200% bonuses, with very few exceptions. 

Sticky offers can also be useful because when you play with large sums, you get you more fun. Also, you can try going for high risk and, duh, high rewards. You get to try different strategies and see what works and what doesn’t (newsflash, most of them are BS). 

Again, the T&C apply, so the casino might try to pull a sneaky move and only let you make small bets or put low cashout limits. So, pick your battles.

The big, fat difference between the two kinds of stickies is in how you get your money out of the casino, and into your pocket.

No-sticky offers might need you to wager a bonus 30x times before you can take out winnings, while the sticky might only need a 10x wager. Here’s it up to you whether you want to try to play with your funds and then end up cancelling the offer or go on to complete the whole 30x or pick the other one that has lower wagering and hope for the best.

Sticky offers aren’t necessarily bad; they can work for you quite well. It all depends on your style, knowledge & preferences, really. 

You should always think about what you’re getting. Is a 100% bonus no-sticky better for you than a 400% sticky bonus? You decide.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Sticky & No Sticky Bonuses

Let’s break this down in just a few words that you can definitely remember. Here are the most frequently asked questions about casino bonuses and a short answer for each of them (the for dummies version). Have any more questions? Hit us up at [email protected]!

What is a casino non-sticky bonus?

A no sticky casino bonus is an offer that allows you to withdraw your winnings even what’s left of your initial deposit after you’ve completed the wagering requirements. 

What is a sticky bonus?

The classic Sticky Bonus is an offer where your money becomes bonus money the second you take the offer. This means that you can’t withdraw before you finish the wagering requirements. 

Can you withdraw your casino bonus?

You can theoretically withdraw your winnings for all types of casino bonuses if you play at trusted online casino sites. Check the terms and conditions to know how to deal with the offer so that your chances of winning & cashing out grow.

What is a parachute bonus?

AKA lifeline bonus, the parachute bonus is another term for non-sticky bonuses. It’s when online casino sites give players the chance to get some of their winnings before finishing the wagering.

Which are the best casino welcome bonus offers?

The best welcome bonus offers are the ones that fit your gambling style and offer you what you’re interested in (no deposit, free spins, huge funds, cashback etc.) with the least hassle: no wagering/low wagering, no max cashout, fast cashout, small deposits etc. 

Can UK players claim non-sticky offers?

In 2018, the UK GC has done UK players a huge favour and has forced online casino sites to no longer tie a player’s funds with bonuses, thus making all UK bonuses non-sticky.

How do I know if the bonus is sticky or not?

Just read the terms and conditions and, if you’re still not sure, have a chat with the customer support team. Generally, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Play smart!