What Is a Progressive Slot Machine & How to Get the Jackpot

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Most casino slots uk have set jackpots, but progressive slot machines are different. What is a progressive slot machine? It’s a slot machine whose jackpot grows each time a player gives it a spin and keeps growing, reaching huge sums, until some very lucky player lands it and gets the whole thing. Then it resets, and the fun(ds) start growing again. 

The progressive jackpots slot machine is a type of gambling online casino game that has the highest payout out of all games invented this far. There are several types of progressives available, and this time we are here to tell you all about them, what they are, how they work, what kinds you can play, and even how to maximise your success and also beat the progressive jackpots slot machines and get your hands on that huge prize.

Additionally, we’ll discuss even the common misconceptions and myths that are going around the gambling world. We’ll bust these progressive jackpots myths and understand that from poker and card games to slots and progressives, there is no casino game that can ruin your life if you play responsibly.

What Are Progressive Slot Machines & How Do They Work?

In regular online slots, what one player does will not influence another player. That’s to say that if two players bet on the same online slot game, everything is independent. If you get lucky, you will win the set prize that’s stated in the paytable for the combination you make. The other player can get lucky at the same time and receive the amount from the paytable for that combination.

No matter how small or big another player bets, no matter what combinations they get, it will not affect you in any way. Payouts won’t grow or drop, your likelihood of triggering a winning combination won’t change. When playing free slots or regular slots for real money, everything will be the same.

When it comes to a fast hit progressive slot machine, when other players bet on that machine, the pot will grow. That’s because the jackpot rises as players play that game. They feed the jackpot with a tiny percentage of each coin they play on it. Thus the pot grows depending on the players that try it. 

If a player wins it, then he gets the full amount, meaning that the jackpot resets and the next player to win it will win the new amount which can be higher or lower depending on when he wins and how many other players have played it in the meantime. 

You will easily be able to recognise slots that have progressive jackpots because even if it’s not present in the name of the game, you will know right away thanks to its design. Progressive jackpots are easily visible because they use one (or up to four) meters that are prominent enough that you will surely see them. Depending on how many progressive jackpots are present you will see the adequate number of meters. These meters differ from regular jackpots because they are constantly changing as the sum is rising for every spin made on that slot game by any players. 

There are three types of progressive jackpot games: 

  • Standalone progressives
  • Local progressives
  • Wide area network progressives.

Standalone Progressives

The standalone progressive was the first one invented. It has a jackpot ticker on the game as only bets placed on this specific machine will feed the pot. In time, this one became the “odd one out” as more and more progressives are linked together. The jackpot on a standalone is usually under $10,000, which makes the probability of landing it higher. So if you’re looking to win a nice, big jackpot but have better odds, this type might be a good fit for you. 

Local Progressives

Local progressives are the very next step up in slot evolution, and they are still widely available. Here the jackpots are linked through a specific casino. So you can have a handful or even a couple of dozen machines (might also be a hundred) depending on the casino. The jackpots are commonly below $1,000,000, but they can even be under $100,000.

Wide Area Network Progressives

Welcome to the top tier and the most popular type of progressives we have in 2020. A wide area network jackpot links slot machines from several casinos in different places. This allows the pot to reach gigantic proportions, often over $1 million and in some cases even over $10 million. The most well-known wide area network progressives are the Megabucks games from IGT or the Mega Moolah games from Microgaming. 

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

There is no foolproof strategy, system or scheme that can increase your winning chances on a progressive jackpot slot game or any type of casino game. Online gambling is about luck, not strategy. Even card games like poker which require some sort of strategy are still dependent on luck because you can’t decide what cards you get.

You can make smarter choices, but there is no way you can cheat the system. Just as you can’t win the lottery just because you want to, you can’t bend the rules of progressives either. In fact, you have about the same odds of winning a progressive pot as you have of winning the lottery.

Don’t trust the myths

The best way to set yourself up for success is to understand all the myths and the fake news you’ve seen on the internet or heard from acquaintances and know what to expect for real.  Progressives can’t be hot or cold or due. Just because the pot has reached incredible amounts, it doesn’t mean that it’s due to burst. Even if it goes up to millions, you still have about a 1 in a million shot of getting it.

The newest tactic of playing is the “play as a team” one which suggests that if you gather some friends and you all play the same progressive jackpots you might have better chances of winning and then you can split the profits. While this will strain your budget less and there is strength in numbers, the RNG is still in place and you have about the same chances of winning this way as you have on your own. Since it’s all about luck, you could get lucky either way, there’s no sure-fire strategy.

Play with max bet

Hitting the jackpot with progressive slot machines is only possible at most slots when you play with max bet. You can theoretically bet lower and rake in smaller wins, but there’s no worse thing than betting £1.00 or .25 on a £3 max bet slot and winning £1000 when you could have won the progressive jackpot of millions! If the game you choose has excellent bonus features, you might get to trigger them too and have even more fun while waiting for the progressive to drop.

So if the game says that the max bet is three coins, you should play three coins. If you’re not willing to make the max bet on progressives, then you shouldn’t be playing progressives in the first place. Find a fun slot game with good payouts that allows you to make the bets you are comfortable with and gives you much better chances of winning. 

Plan your budget before playing

One of the most important things you need to always keep in mind is that your budget planning is vital, no matter what gambling game you try. You don’t play a game and then see what your budget is. You set your budget, and then you find games that fit it. If your budget allows several spins on a progressive with max bet, then you can try them. If not, then you should stick with a megaways slot game with low limits, a penny slot or might even try card games that fit your style and needs. 

Understand the house edge & RTP

Another thing to keep in mind is that RTPs and volatility levels will influence your chances. As a result, it is critical that you understand the house edge as it can show you what your odds of winning are. Progressives generally have a lower RTP than other slots and high volatility. This means that while the payouts are gigantic, they won’t come up often. Sure, you can still win lower payouts for winning combinations, but those are far between as well. Consequently, you should know not to expect frequent wins and not get frustrated. 

Keep an eye on the progressive jackpots

Another factor you need to be on the lookout for is that when someone just won the progressive jackpot, the meter will reset so if you don’t know what the status is at all times even if you end up winning you’ll get a much lower jackpot. That’s because the jackpot resets to its base amount. So you will need to choose a top online casino site that gives you up to date information so that you can stop if you see it’s been won and try your luck another day. Our best casinos are from the UK but we have top jackpot casinos from Canada also.

Debunking the Megabucks Curse – Progressive Jackpots Won’t Kill You

In the late 1980s, IGT launched Megabucks, a progressive jackpots slot game that paid out a number of record-breaking prizes. Millions of people have played and still play this game each year hoping to land the progressive jackpots that could change everything in their lives.

But there are some that are afraid of playing it because of the dreaded Megabucks curse. The urban legend says that the Megabucks curse has caused winners to suffer car accidents, loss of loved ones, and even death. Don’t worry, it’s completely false and we’ll soon explain why.

The legend says that the lucky winners of the jackpots aren’t really so lucky because tragedy is bound to strike. It all began when Cynthia Jay-Brennan won $35 million. The 37-year-old cocktail waitress won the largest jackpot in history and just six weeks after getting her winnings she and her sister were involved in a car accident. A drunk driver hit their car when they were waiting at a red light. Cynthia’s sister died as a result of the car crash, while Cynthia was left a quadriplegic for the rest of her life.

The driver who hit them was a 58-year-old who had been convicted for drunk driving 5 times before and had been drinking the night of the accident as well. The speed and force of the car was so big that he didn’t just injure Cynthia and her sister but also people from multiple other cars.

There was another story of an anonymous software engineer who won $39.7 million from the  Megabucks progressive jackpots. The legend says he died just days after the win. The funny thing is that there are several theories surrounding his death: that he died in a plane crash, was murdered by LA gang members, he overdosed etc. there is 0 evidence for any of these things and IGT actually released a statement that none of those scenarios happened and the anonymous man is still alive.

So while the second story is completely made up, the case of Cynthia remains. But knowing what we know about the drive that hit them we can tell you that while tragic, it was an accident and a coincidence, and definitely not a curse.

Progressive jackpots won’t harm you. Online gambling can be completely safe both mentally and physically. If you play responsibly you won’t have any issues. What happens outside casinos is in no way connected to what you win or don’t win when gambling. 

You could very well win at progressive jackpots tomorrow and live until you’re 100+ years old. There is 0 correlation between these things. 

Popular Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

There are many great progressive to choose from, of all kinds, from standalone machines to wide area networks. Some players enjoy the Hot Shot progressive slot machine series. The Hot Shot progressive slot machines are not actually progressive jackpots as their names suggest. Still, the higher RTP, lower volatility and up to 10,000 times your bet are of great help and could potentially pave the way from moving from regular slots to progressives. 

Consequently, a Hot Shot Progressive slot machine download not required game could help you ascend to the progressive level with less pressure and more time for getting used to a new style. The same thing is true for the Quick Hit Progressive Slot machine as well. 

Megabucks is one of the most popular progressive networks at the moment. While it has one of the lowest winning probability of them all, you can potentially win £10 million and upwards into the hundreds of millions. You should keep in mind that progressive jackpots are usually paid out over 20-30 years in increments at most top rated uk casinos.

Mega Moolah is another huge progressive that has fans all over the world. Powered by Microgaming, this series has epic themes, excellent bonus features, and also offers various betting limits. It often reaches £1 million and beyond and it holds several world records.

A fun thing about progressive jackpots is that you won’t just find them in slots machines. Video poker games, poker games and even some roulette or blackjack games offer progressive jackpots to make the games more fun and raise the adrenaline. 

There are many other amazing games out there. You just have to find the ones you like, that fit your budget and your gambling style. Even on progressives, you can use the 10 secrets and tips to get better chances of winning and one of the “secrets” is finding the game that works best for you.

Remember to play responsibly and make smart choices and you’re in for a lot of fun. And if you get super lucky, you might even win at the progressive jackpots. If not, well at least you have more experience with online gambling now!