Battle Mania


  • Category Mobile Slots, Video Slots
  • Provider Microgaming
  • Game Volatility Three different volatility levels
  • Jurisdiction Denmark - DGA, Great Britain - UKGC
  • Free Rounds Yes
  • Rating 7 / 10
Release Date 12/11/2018


Casino:WixStars Casino

Review for Battle Mania

Battle Mania is an exciting new slot from Microgaming that aims to revolutionize slots and innovate. The game reminds us of a type of card game like Magic, the Gathering combined with a mobile game. It’s definitely not your regular online slot, it’s a unique fantasy role-playing game where battles are fought with teams comprised of five heroes.

To win you need to defeat enemies by reducing their health bar to zero. You get random cards with Mana strength that will reduce the enemy’s health accordingly ( 2 mana 2 health, 3 mana 3 health). each hero will fight the enemy opposing him. When a hero gets a skull card the enemy will attack and the battle will be lost.

The battle ends when all heroes win or lose. Special features can be triggered randomly when a hero gets a special ability card. You can even select your team of heroes. There are three types: green, blue and red, giving you low, medium and high volatility.

The bonus features are as follows:

Boss Fight – when the Forest Island bonus card is dealt randomly the feature is triggered. The boss dragon will be the enemy and all heroes will unite their forces to defeat the mighty dragon. When the hero gets a skull card the dragon attacks and that hero dies. The feature ends when either the boss dragon dies or the team dies.

Villains’ Wave – when the Swamp Island bonus card is randomly awarded, the feature is triggered. A magical crossbow will raise from the swamp and help you eliminate all enemies and the heroes can retreat. You have to fight increasingly stronger enemies that also award higher multipliers up to x10. You have 15 arrows on each wave when all five enemies are dead you move on to the next wave. There are 5 waves in total.

Free Battles – triggered by the Desert Island card, this one grants five free battles with wins doubled. During each free battle a treasure card will grant an additional prize, up to 1000 coins.

Lava Stones Pick – the Volcano Island card activates this one. You have to pick as many lava stones as possible and the bonus ends when you get a multiplier stone after which the accumulated prizes will be multiplied. You can win up to 17.000 coins.

Treasure Island event – an extra 25% will be added to all prizes won in Treasure Island during the event. Collecting the Magic Stone card will grant the grant prize. The Treasure Island unlocks in game 12 and opens every 12 hours for just 20 battles. You can win up to 100.000 coins.

Battle Mania Game Features

Symbols: Baalthor, Sligi, Eloimaya, Dhakuq, Assirra, Miandra, Renodet, Brugnur, Diabla, Ormadone, Alderton, Tarben, Randolph, Enk, Snowflake, bonus cards

Bonus rounds: Boss Fight, Villains’ Wave, Free Battles, Lava Stone Pick, Treasure Island Event

Free Spins: yes

Why play it: If you’re tired of simple, basic slots and want a game that combines you passion of gambling with your passion of gaming then this is it. It doesn’t really feel like a slot, it’s much more than that. It’s fun and interactive, with amazing characters and a great storyline. Sure, there’s an RTP involved and the way you win or lose is random, as in all slots, but the game is fantastic and unique and should be played by any slot player, just to experience something different and interesting. The bonus features are spectacular and get more and more fun as well as more productive as you progress. Must try!


Battle Mania Screenshots

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