Meet the Slots Creators – Gameburger Studios’s Matt Carvajal Interview

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Tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you, you; and why have you chosen to work at Gameburger?

I’m Matt Carvajal, the lead creative for Gameburger. We have an ongoing portfolio of amazing and exciting products, like 9 Masks of Fire, 9 Pots of Gold, and Hyper Strike. We’re striving for action-packed content and our team is getting high-quality games out there. It’s a fun and talented team to work with, and I’ve been there from the get-go. We came up with “Gameburger” just because it was a fun name that’s also iconic to the American industry; we wanted to make it fun, flavorful, and bold, just like our games.

You have an impressive slots portfolio, can you name the best three slots ever released by Gameburger?

Our best performers are the well-known player favourites, 9 Masks of Fire, HyperStrike and 9 Pots of Gold. All of these feature the successful EpicStrike mechanic, which gives players an exciting gaming experience and great win potential.

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Even so, Gameburger had multiple releases. Which slot takes the 2020 title of the best Gameburger release?

Our games performed brilliantly last year. We released 11 Champions alongside the 2020 Euros, which was obviously postponed – we’re really excited that the tournament managed to go ahead this year and that lots of new players are trying out this thrilling release.

Looking to the future, what is the next big release Gameburger is planning?

We can’t wait for the release of Break da Bank Again™ Megaways™!  The game incorporates a revamped take on the brand’s classic imagery married with the player-favourite Megaways™ mechanic and 5x wilds in the top reel.  To that, we’ve added an exciting Feature Buy option with up to 3 different free spins purchase choices including the game’s special Hot Mode™, where the unlimited escalating multiplier starts at 20x!

In a market with hundreds of game studios, what would you say is Gameburger’s biggest differentiator?

Gameburger is different from the other studios. We’re always focused on releasing action-packed content for a broad, diverse and demanding audience, making sure that they have a great experience, and making sure that they have fun playing our games. We have high standards and we’ve got to make sure that that’s reflected in our games.

We would love to hear more about the slot creation process. Can you let us know which is the most exciting part of the entire process when creating a new slot?

Coming from a creative and design background, I personally enjoy our symbols and visuals. It’s always a fun challenge to make sure the art looks phenomenal, cohesive and attractive to the player.

What about any inside funny stories, do you have something to share with us?

11 Champions was really fun, especially working with the multi-lingual in-game commentator voice-overs. Designing the symbols and players for the jackpot bonus was a lot of fun as well.

How can you tell if an online slot is going to be a hit or not?

You can tell by the players’ reviews; their game experience and even social media can really be revealing about the game performance and how the player feels about a title.

Did you use to play slots before entering the iGaming industry?

Before iGaming I used to be a big fan of land-based slots. I really like Asian-themed games and remember getting a 500x win on a 0.80 stake on one of them. The iGaming industry has a lot of awesome content out there and awesome win potential!

What are your hobbies?

I really like sports, particularly football and tennis. I’m also a big fan of the Rocket League game on the PC – I’m pretty good at scoring lots of aerial goals!

What has been your biggest challenge and your most significant success in the gambling industry?

One of the biggest challenges we had was to combine the soundtrack with visuals in HyperStrike. We wanted the player to experience the energetic feel of the visuals along with the continuous audio beats of the game. It came out really great and our players love it! The well-known 9 Masks of Fire is performing phenomenally well and it’s definitely a player favourite. We will continue to bring action-packed content and high-quality entertainment for our players

If you weren’t in the gambling industry, what other industry would you want to work in?

I’m a big sports fan and would definitely have wanted to pursue a professional football/sports career. I was also into biology and engineering and was really into drawing, designing, and graphics, which was definitely my field. I love my everyday work and still get to play sports often with some of my friends.

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