Meet the Slots Creators – Platipus’s Martijn Peters Interview

Posted by: John
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Hello! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your history with Platipus Gaming.

Before I got actively involved in the gaming industry, I had a career at various law firms in the Netherlands. When one of my clients, active in the gaming business, asked for my services, I got interested and triggered to step into the gaming resulting in my current position.

Platipus was founded by a group of gaming enthusiasts, who were already active in various parts in the world of gaming. We have patiently been building fully focussed on every step towards the solid and challenging platform of games Platipus consists of today.

We love big wins, can you disclose the top 3 winnings ever paid by Platipus Gaming?

Let’s talk about the most recent one. The first one that comes to my mind was won about a month ago, a player hitting a jackpot in Wild Spin for 28,969.00 euro. Another two just this week, in Aztec Coins, 21,650.00 and 17,351.00 euro.

You have an impressive slots portfolio, can you name the best three slots ever released by Platipus Gaming?

We have a lot of amazing games, but if I have to name the top three, that would be Wild Spin, Pirate’s Map and Aztec Coins. These are our best performing games in all regions.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are skiing, travelling and research new game features 

Can you please describe your daily routine in the workplace?

The day starts with going through the mail and daily issues which require attention. Around lunchtime several conference calls and correspondence with colleagues, partners and potential clients. In the afternoon until late evening random tasks and being stand-by for ad hoc tasks.

Please tell us a bit about the challenges a studio is facing when creating a new slot game.

The challenges our studio is facing while creating new games, start with figuring out the concept of an original releasable game with regard to design and features. The next step is implementing the proper mathematics and keeping in mind and practice to meet the requirements in order to have the game certified for the diverse jurisdictions.

The last challenge is the finetuning to ensure fluent and exciting gameplay.

What game mechanics do you like the most in an online slot machine?

Jackpots of course. But I also enjoy slot machines with a strong mix of high and low volatility.

Movies with scenes featuring a casino; Did you watch any? Have you got a favourite scene?

The scenes that come to mind are from “21”. This movie is about a group of students from the MIT university getting taught by their professor how to count cards in the game of blackjack. By card counting, they clean every Las Vegas casino in a legal way.

Speaking about casinos, do you have any stories to share from a “brick-and-mortar” venue?

Personally, I have not visited many land-based casinos. What I can share about these venues is that I mostly left the building too late.

What is the amount of workforce involved in the creation process of an online slot?

Platipus has a substantial team consisting of developers, programmers, designers, mathematicians, sound engineers and QA specialists. It takes our team approximately one month to complete a spectacular new game and we are targeting to reach a solid second game every month. 

Let’s discuss a bit about Virtual Reality slots. How likely are they to become fan-favourites?

What “ingredients” would you add to a VR game to propel it towards success?

I believe it’s a matter of time before the VR game will take over conventional slots.

If it was up to me, I would add a huge dose of unexpected features and animations, far from realistic, that will be all over the player. About VR and a step further, AR (augmented reality) would be my all-time favourite. Being able to play a slot with virtual elements mixed up into the real world surroundings making it possible to enjoy slots while walking around or doing whatever mixed with gaming. This way players would not need to focus only on the game but can be busy with other activities at the same time as all elements are mixed.

Any advice for youngsters looking to pursue a career in the iGaming industry?

It starts with some portion of passion and watching trends. The iGaming industry is still growing and in need of skilful people. It might be good to find the niches where certain skills are desired addition and pursue the knowledge and experience to obtain the desired position.

Any future releases our readers (players) should look forward to trying?

We have recently released one of our highest volatility games yet. It’s called Hot Fruits. If you really enjoy the high-risk, high-reward type of slot game, I sincerely suggest trying it out.