Meet the Slots Creators – SA Gaming’s CEO Interview

Posted by: John
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Established in 2009, SA Gaming is one of the major platform providers in Asia. It has created popular games and offers a full range of gaming-related services for its clients.

Winner of “Live Casino of the Year” at IGA 2020 and many more nominations from other major awards, this major Asian supplier has earned respect and recognition from the peers.

How have the last twelve months been for SA Gaming?

It has been a tough year for everyone. Yet, SA Gaming managed to secure its market share in Asia, and is further looking into the possibility of market expansion.

We have just celebrated our first anniversary with our studio in Europe. It was never easy to run a European studio from Asia. However, SA Gaming has successfully expanded from four tables to more than a dozen of tables now.

Can we know the best games of SA Gaming?

It has got to be Baccarat. Almost every player in Asia knows the game, and are crazy for it. SA Gaming offers about 20 Baccarat tables with a wide range of varieties. There is Speed Baccarat, for example, where countdown time has reduced to minimal. There is also Cow Cow Baccarat, where players enjoy higher odds when the side they bet on wins by more points!

Other than Baccarat, Dragon Tiger is also loved by clients and players. It is a simple game where the Dragon and the Tiger compare the point value of their single cards. Simple to play, it performs well in the charts.

What would you say is SA Gaming’s biggest differentiator?

SA Gaming represents the excellent blend of the East and the West. There are outstanding suppliers from both sides. However, SA Gaming offers a fine assortment of games from different parts of the world. Few Western suppliers can do better Asian games than SA Gaming; and few Asian suppliers can match SA Gaming when it comes to adaptation to international trends.

Looking to the future, what is the next big release SA Gaming is planning?

SA Gaming is based in Asia. Despite our continuous expansion, clients facing the Asian market have remained our major client group.

We are developing new games that originate from various regions in Asia. Apart from catering the needs of our clients and their players in specific regions, we also hope to introduce these regionally famous games to the world.