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Bally-Wulff goes back a long time before the age of the internet and online slot machines. They were first established in 1950 as a small-scale maker of gaming and entertainment machines, but it wasn’t until 1972 that the original company called Günter Wulff was sold off to the Bally Manufacturing Company and eventually became the software provider we know and love today.

Bally-Wulff slots have come a long way and have changed a lot in time, but the general feeling of their games remains the same. They go through many different themes so there’s no way that one of Bally-Wulff’s free slots won’t tickle your fancy.

Best Bally-Wulff slots:

  • Roman Legion Extreme
  • 40 Thieves
  • Night Wolves

The new Bally-Wulff slots might not have the best of graphics, but they are fun to play and with some well-thought out bonus features the gameplay is taken to the next level. Bally-Wulff slots’ RTP is somewhere around 96% and 97% so you can rest assured that together with bonus features you get the chance to win big.

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