Games from EDICT


Edict e-gaming is a German-based software provider of online casino content which first appeared in 1998. They are specialists in giving B2B casino solutions that are innovative and customizable. They are part of the Gauselmann Group, under Merkur, a builder of exceptional land-based slot machines. They offer quite a few games, most of which are slot games, and they are all quite interesting. Edict is getting better every day even though they have still not made the software provider top.

Best Edict Slots

Since it’s been in the business for over 10 years, Edict has gathered quite a few games in the meantime. They pick many different themes and try a lot of different options to find that perfect slot that players are looking for. So, we’ve made a list of their top 10 games that we think come the closest to that:

What Makes Edict Slots Special?

Probably the fact that they dabble a bit in everything. They’ve tried every theme, they’ve gone the route of classic slots then they tried video slots, they’ve had a different style of graphics several times. This means that you can feel like you’re playing games from many different providers. It’s hard to say what they all have in common. Maybe they’re all a bit kooky, maybe their simple, yet fun. If you’re looking for a good example of what they have to offer then we’d stick to Hexenkessel because we think this one portrays them the best.

Where Can I Play Edict Slots for Real Money?

There are many online casinos where you’ll find Edict slots that you can play, one better than the other. So, we’ve decided to help you out and select three for you that we think you’d enjoy:

Not only do you get to play your favourite Edict slots at these casinos but you can also get your hands on some hefty bonuses. Check out what they have to offer because we’re sure you’ll find the perfect combination of games, bonuses and more.