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Tom Horn is a casino software provider that focuses on both online video slots and on land-based casino slot machines. They have been trying their best to succeed in both these worlds and this far they’re doing pretty well.

Sure, they might not be in the top three software providers, but they are steadily growing and securing a comfy position. Tom Horn slots have a lot of tells so that you can easily recognize them among other casino games by other providers.

For example, in terms of design, you will see that the graphics look a lot more modern and detailed when you see the game thumbnail, but once you open the game the graphics decrease a little and you see that the Tom Horn free slots are quite simple. This doesn’t mean that they are bad, just that they are less epic and flashy than you’ve seen in other online casino games.

The new Tom Horn slots seem to have better graphics than the rest, but then again, their themes are, which makes overcomplicating slots quite impossible.

Popular Tom Horn Slots

  • 243 Crystal Fruits
  • Panda’s Run
  • Monster Madness

Tom Horn slots’ RTP is usually around 96-98%, which means that there is quite a decent chance to score that big win you’ve been waiting for and with the added bonus games it’s even closer.

If you want to try some game with simple gameplay and fun themes, check out Tom Horn slots’ selection.

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