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Today Jun 24 2022

Free Video Poker Games

Listed Video Poker Games For Free Play

Players enjoy several types of online gambling games so being able to play a game like online video poker is amazing because it combines two different and equally amazing types of casino games into one.  Video poker games are basically a combination between a classic poker game and a slot game since you have the same hand combinations you have in poker, but things are very much random and work the same way they do in slots.  The great news is that if you’ve never played it you can learn all about it and experience it in complete safety as you can try free video poker games and see how they work. With the help of the best video poker slots strategy, you can enjoy yourself and level up so that when you decide to play video poker for real money you will have the best chances of winning. Let’s figure out together what are the main variations of video poker, how to play it and what strategies to use to improve your odds. 

How to Play Video Poker

The entire appeal of a video poker game comes from the fact that it’s really easy to play. While there are variations which change the gameplay a bit, they all start pretty similarly. You are dealt five cards and you can choose to keep (hold) as many of them as you want (0 to 5). The cards you have discarded will be exchanged with new cards and the final combination will be formed and if you have landed any combination available in the paytable then you will receive the adequate payout.  That’s it. Pretty easy, right? Well, the combos that can be formed and which will payout will differ in variations of video poker. And that’s why it’s necessary that we know the main differences between the most popular kinds of video poker games. Below, you will find the top popular video poker variations. 

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is probably the most well-known and beloved video poker game and it’s also one of the easiest variations in existence thus far. It’s played with the classic poker cards as well as jokers which will work as wilds (like in slots) and replace any card in order to form the best possible winning combination. The name of the game comes from the lowest possible winning combo, a pair of jacks.  A lot of other games were created based on this one and you will see that even some of the most used strategies were thought out on it. It’s considered by some the first video poker game and its popularity rose thanks to the fact that in the full pay version it has a gigantic RTP of 99.54%.  The full-pay video poker is called "9-6" Jacks or Better as that’s the payout for Full House and Flush. Due to the fact that it has such a big RTP, you won’t find this version at all online casino sites. While it might not be that easy to come by, it’s available in some of the best poker casinos and if you find it you should definitely check it out.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is pretty different when compared to Jacks or Better. There is no joker in the deck of cards used, but the deuces (twos) will become wild. This brings several changes as there are more wild cards to substitute other cards to form winning combinations. There will also be possible combinations of deuces and four deuces make the second-highest hand you can possibly get. The lowest winning combination is higher than in Jacks or Better, as here it comes in the form of three of a kind.

Pick'em Poker

Pick’em Poker is a pretty interesting video poker game as it’s completely different than the others. Instead of getting five cards and choosing which ones to keep and which to discard, here, you start off with two cards. You will get another pair of cards and can pick just one of them. After you’ve chosen the third card, the one you haven’t picked will go away and you will receive two more cards in order to complete your five-card hand. Since you only get to choose one of two cards, this video poker game variation is easier than the others and consequently requires less skill and strategy. Thus you can either love it or hate it, depending on how much control you want to have. 

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is basically Jacks or Better but a little more complex. We start off the same with the pair of jacks as the lowest winning combination, but you will see that now we have increased payouts for four of a kind combinations.  Consequently, four Aces will come with bigger payouts than for Kings, for example. The interesting thing is that this addition will impact the strategies you can use for optimal results and it also changes the volatility of the game.

Other Variants of Video Poker

These are just a few of the amazing free video poker games variations ever made. You can find them on this page and get to try them and see which ones you like best. On top of the already mentioned variations, there are also other games like Double Double Bonus Poker, Triple Play, Jokers Wild, Multi Play and others. The only thing to remember is that you need to check out the payout table, the rules, RTP and volatility of every game before jumping in. And, of course, play the video poker game for free first and not go straight for the real money version. 

Video Poker Strategy Guide

There are several types of strategies you can use when you are playing video poker and online casino games in general, but the thing to remember is that none of them is foolproof. Casino games are games of luck and are random which means that what can work on one hand might not help at all for another hand and you need to accept that and prepare.  If you’re gambling responsibly then you take into account that you might lose and know how to work around that without going overboard and also know when to quit and try a different time. When it comes to video poker, the thing that you should be thinking about the most is volatility. Jacks or Better, for example, has the lowest volatility so you should see very frequent wins, but quite small. You can even calculate the probability and payouts of each hand if you’re really into math. While there are many video poker strategy guides you can follow, this one might be the most straight-forward. The easiest way to think about probabilities and possible payouts is to look at the hand you’ve been dealt. You might find that you can choose which cards to hold and which to discard and see that depending on what you choose you can hope for several combinations.  You then have to see how many possible outcomes exist for each one of them and what the expected value of the hand is. By combining these two things you can figure out what the right move is that has the best odds of both happening and of giving you the best payout.  Remember that before playing video poker at online casino sites for real money you should always practice and test your theories and strategies on video poker games free variants.

About Free Video Poker 

There are countless benefits to playing video poker for free online. Firstly, it’s completely free so there is 0 financial risk involved. Secondly, there is also no download or registration required. You just check the games available on this page, pick the ones you like and click Play and that’s it. Thirdly, there are a whole lot of video poker games available for free so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. Lastly, you get to practice and test new games and become a better player thus improving your odds of winning.  On the downside, there are no real prizes to be won when playing for free no matter how much you play, how good you are or how much you win. 

Real Money Online Video Poker

Playing real money video poker at an amazing video poker casino can bring you benefits as well. First off, all variants are on the table and you can play any of them, some even with no download at instant play casinos, while others even on mobile casino apps You can get a lot of help from bonuses, promotions and VIP programs from online casino sites which will help you play for longer periods of time and with more funds. You can even find no deposit bonuses that work on video poker games which allow you to play for free, but keep what you win.  And, of course, the main event: when you play for real, you can get real prizes. Unlike the free version, here when you get lucky you can see the funds being credited to your account and you can cash them out and use them for whatever you want. There are downsides here as well, as you will be risking your own funds which means you need to be extra careful and set a budget. Furthermore, it will take a bit more time because you have to make an account and deposit funds, which means that the setup will take more and it will be a while until you can play your favourite games. There are pros and cons for both options, so the best thing to do is combine them. Start by playing for free to understand the rules of the games and know how to play them perfectly and then go on to try them for real. Whenever a new game is launched that you are interested in, go back to playing it for free first. As long as you practice responsible gambling always, you should have a great online casino experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are free video poker games different than those for real money?

    Apart from the fact that when playing for free you cannot win any real prizes, video poker games both for free and for real work exactly the same, look the same, have the same volatility, RTP, gameplay etc. 

  • How can you become good at playing video poker?

    The best way to hone your skills and become a better player at video poker or any other online casino game is to keep practicing and know all the rules by heart. The best way to do this is to play it for free in demo mode. This way you can also figure out what games are best suited for you and the ones which will give you the best chances of winning.

  • Can video poker be rigged?

    Neither free video poker or real money video poker aren’t rigged because they use random number generators. So all the dealt cards are completely random. All licensed online casino sites which are fair and legal are audited by independent firms which test the randomness constantly and the theoretical payouts.  Consequently, if you pick a great online casino site you should have no issues. If you’re looking to play video poker for real, check out our fair, tested and reviewed online casino sites, as we would only recommend legal and safe casinos. And remember to play the free versions available on this page before jumping into real money play. 

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