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Ever since the 1970s when it first appeared, video poker has grown in popularity and it is now a super beloved online gambling game that players from all over the world enjoy and we made it a goal for slots calendar to have always the newest slots. The gambling game is both slots and poker, which means that you can use a video poker strategy to boost your odds of winning and won’t rely 100% on luck. 

With some of the highest odds in casino gambling and the chance to change the game’s outcome, you can learn how to win at video poker and rake some nice winnings.

Video poker gives you both a low house edge (thus high RTP) and nicely sized jackpots so learning how to win at video poker slot machines is definitely in your benefit. So let’s find out how you can beat video poker machines and what the best strategies for playing video poker are.

How to Play Video Poker

There are many types of video poker, but what they all have in common is that they are based on the mechanics of a five-card draw poker game.

Video poker games use a standard 52-card deck. You set your wager and press the Deal button and the machine will randomly give you five cards. You will need to choose which to keep and which to discard.

To keep a card you will tap on it. After you’ve chosen what cards to keep, press the Draw button and the machine will randomly replace the cards you’ve gotten rid of.

You win if you end up with a classic poker hand from a pair (generally Jacks or better than that: Queens, Kings, Aces) to the royal flush.

What you will win depends on the hands and the paytable shown generally on the upper left side of the game. 

The whole thing revolves around making the right choices about what to keep and what to discard. So you need strategies on how to win at video poker jacks or better and any other variation to know exactly what to do.

Video Poker Strategy – Tips, Tricks and What to Avoid

So how to win at video poker machines? Don’t just go on luck and guessing. You need to make sure you lose the least amount of money and win constantly. Consequently you will need to practice. 

Play a couple of free video poker games in demo mode to see how everything works and hone your skills. Only then can you go on to try playing for real money at online casinos and poker sites.

Pick the video poker game with the right paytable

Pay tables allow players to see what the expected return is before playing. The paytable will show you if the game you’ve picked has a 99% RTP or a 97% one or lower. By knowing the RTP, you know the house edge as well. The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge, and the bigger your chances of making a profit. 

How to win at Deuces Wild video poker might not be the same as how to win at Jacks or Better, but while strategies can change for each video poker variation, a great paytable is always in your favour. 

Play with max bet

While you should always make the best you are comfortable with, which fit your budget, when playing video poker one of the best strategies is to bet max. This is because some machines, like Jacks or Better for example, will offer a top payout for a royal flush, a jackpot, but only to those who play max bet. 

If you play with fewer coins you will still have fun and maybe even win, but when that happens you will win less. Also, the royal flush won’t bring you a huge jackpot so landing it would be such a waste.

Don’t settle for two pairs

If you get two pairs of face cards you shouldn’t hold them. Even though they are technically one line higher than Jacks or better, they have an equal payout. But that’s not the only issue. If you hold both pairs, the highest possible winning hand you can get is to get a full house. 

A full house has 30 or 50 coins at max bet, but if you hold only one pair, the highest possible winning hand changes to four of a kind, which can get you even 250 coins.

Join a VIP Club & get bonuses

If you’re going to play why not get some extra help? When you make an account at an online casino you will eventually make a deposit to keep playing, so why not join the VIP club as well as get a whole lot of perks. 

VIP programs come with special tailored bonuses, personal VIP manager, better cashback and many other benefits. Also, in the long term, joining a VIP club will reduce the house edge in your favour. 

There are video poker bonuses you can use as well. While they are not as common as slot bonuses, you can still find a lot of them and the free money or extra money will surely play for longer and with fewer risks. Pick the right gambling sites and you’ll get some amazing offers.

What to avoid when playing video poker

While it might seem at first that keeping a kicker is a good solution, you should avoid doing so. It won’t bring you a higher payout. Don’t keep three cards hoping to get a straight or a flush. 

There are many things to think about here, but the main takeaway is that you should never give up a winning hand in an attempt to get an even better hand.

Also, make sure you don’t go for the double up. You might feel amazing after you’ve just won a hand, but using the gamble feature to double it will give the casino the advantage back.

Instead of trying to double your win, use that win to play a different hand. You have much better chances of winning and the payouts are much better than just double.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Video Poker Strategies

  • What video poker game has the best odds?

    While it all depends on the paytable, there are some variations that offer the best odds most frequently. Check out Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better variants.

  • Can I cheat video poker games?

    There’s no way to cheat when playing any casino game online as they all run on RNGs and are constantly tested for randomness. Even if you could find an option to cheat if you get caught you will lose all your winnings and get your account banned, so it’s not worth it anyway. Instead, use strategies and tips to win the right way.

  • Is video poker better than slot machines?

    Depends who’s asking. Some players prefer slots, while others like video poker better. In terms of house edge and RTP, theoretically you will find video poker games with good RTPs more often than slots with good RTPs so that can make video poker better.

  • What video poker strategy works every time?

    Since video poker is a gambling game it relies on luck, not just on strategy. This means that no matter how great your strategy is it can never work 100% of the time. If that were possible everyone would be playing it and ending up a millionaire. But what you can do is follow the tips we stated in this article and play safe to improve your chances.

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