10+ Best Casino Affiliate Programs for Revenue Share

Posted by: Slotscalendar
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The affiliate marketing industry has been booming for quite some years now and it really is one of the best ones to get into if you want to make a huge profit with less work. If you do it right you could reach that 6-figure dream in no time, but do you know which are the best affiliate programmes when it comes to the casino world?

Today we’ll be discussing our top 10 best casino affiliate programs that work with revenue share:

  • Casumo Casino
  • Coral Casino
  • Dunder Casino
  • Ladbrokes Casino
  • Rizk Casino
  • Mansion Casino
  • Comeon Casino
  • Playluck Casino
  • Guts Casino
  • Yako Casino

What is Revenue Share?

When a website owner has a link that leads to an online casino on their website they can benefit financially from it if a user signs up and makes a deposit at that online casino. There are different ways to do so: CPA, CPL or Rev Share.

CPA is cost per acquisition and you will get paid a set amount every time a player came from your website to the casino and made a deposit. CPL or cost per lead means that the link owner gets a fee if the user registers at the casino without necessarily making a deposit, but the sum will be lower.

Revenue share means that the affiliate will get paid depending on the performance of the player that signs up via their link. While you are relying on the player to keep playing and losing, you can expect to earn as long as that player will continue to gamble at that online casino.

Revenue share pays out a percentage of the player’s losses and continues to pay out indefinitely, which is why experienced affiliates tend to prefer this option to the other two.

One thing that people are sceptical about when it comes to a rev share option is the negative carryover. Affiliate programs pay on a monthly basis so at the end of the month after payment your balance resets to €0.  But sometimes your account might be a negative sum because someone landed a huge win. So, with negative carryover if you are at -€500 when the month ends at the beginning of the next month you will have that -€500, if there is no negative carryover then you will have €0.

The thing is that sometimes things that seem too good to be true are too good to be true and some casinos that have affiliate programs that promise no negative carryover might do more damage than good. So, you shouldn’t just reject casinos just because they have the no negative carryover and you should instead check them out thoroughly and see which one is the best option for your particular needs.

Casumo Casino Affiliate Program

Casumo casino raised to the top in recent years and so did their affiliate program. They offer you lifetime revenue with no negative carryover and no bundling. The only downside is that they have no sub-affiliate plan and they aren’t marketable in the USA. At this moment in time, no one seems to have ever had any complaints about this affiliate program, which says a lot about how they handle their business.

Coral Casino Affiliate Program

Coral Casino is handled by Coral Affiliates which is a top casino affiliate program because it has tons of benefits like no negative carryover, no bundling, a commission earned across all products, fast payments, low minimum payment threshold (just £100), no admin fees, stats updated daily and even a sub-affiliation program available. 

It doesn’t work for US players and payments are only sent in GBP, but since there is no limit on withdrawal that doesn’t seem like much of a downside.

Dunder Casino Affiliate Program

Dunder Casino is a brand handled by the Dunder Casino Affiliate Program. This affiliate program has been around since 2016, but since then it’s made an epic reputation for itself. As you will see if you take a look at their affiliate program page they have tons of positive reviews and testimonials from affiliates that they helped reach success.

They work with Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid Deals, have an incredibly low minimum payment threshold and a lot of currencies in which they can pay commissions. While they have negative carryover in place and no sub-affiliation program, they make up for it in the multitude of licenses.

Ladbrokes Casino Affiliate Program

Ladbrokes Partners is a casino affiliate program that promotes one of the most widely recognised UK brands in the world, Ladbrokes Casino. They offer CPA and hybrid plans as well as a 2-tier sub-affiliation program and no admin fee subtracted from commissions.

Unfortunately, they have negative carryover, bundled earnings and minimum activity clause can temporarily reduce the commission rate.

Rizk Casino Affiliate Program

GIG Affiliates is the affiliate program that’s in charge of Rizk Casino and it has no negative carryover, no bundling, sub-affiliation schemes available and very low €25 payment threshold.

On the downside, there will be 25% admin fees taken from commissions, which will only be made in euros.

Mansion Casino Affiliate Program

Manion Affiliates has been around for over 12 years. They work with CPA and Rev Share, no negative carryover, a fairly low $100 minimum withdrawal threshold and no admin fee. The amazing brands that can be promoted in this affiliate program are, among others, Mansion Casino and Casino.com

There are some inactivity and dormancy clauses in place, earnings are bundled and they currently don’t offer sub-affiliation programs.

Comeon Casino Affiliate Program

Comeon Connect is the name of affiliate marketing program that’s in charge of the well-known casino brand Comeon and other 10+ casino and betting brands. It’s actually the result of a merge between Cherry Affiliates and Earn Affiliates that took place in 2018.

The program offers no negative carryover, rev share and CPA deals, sub-affiliation programs and a low minimum payment threshold.

The payments are made only in Euros and there are some admin fees that you should take into consideration.

Playluck Casino Affiliate Program

Playluck Affiliates offer lots of benefits for those who want to partner up with them and promote PlayLuck Casino. You get no negative carryover, multiple payment options, several currencies available and no admin fees. Even so, payments can be slow from time to time so plan ahead.

Guts Casino Affiliate Program

Guts Casino, as well as the equally popular Rizk Casino, are both under the GIG Affiliates affiliate program. So no negative carryover, no bundling, sub-affiliation schemes available and the super low €25 payment threshold.

Yako Casino Affiliate Program

YakoCasino Affiliates, unlike other affiliate programs, only promotes one casino, Yako Casino, so there’s no bundling to worry about. They offer both rev share and CPA and have no negative carryover, as well as very fast payments using several payment methods. 

They do not market to US players, the commissions are only paid in euros and they have no sub-affiliation program. 

What are some good reasons for choosing revenue share over CPA?

All those that have been combining the online casino industry with the affiliate industry and have been working for a long time know that revenue share will always beat CPA, CPL etc. While CPA is huge right now in many other industries, nothing seems to take down revenue share in the casino affiliates’ mind.

The main reason why rev share is better than CPA is this industry is because most players will return and keep playing several times. If on CPA you only get money from their action one time, when using rev share you could be making money on a high roller for a very long time.

Most casino affiliates are in it for the long haul, not just to make some money and then stop. For long-term goals, rev share will always be better because at some point the work does itself and you just keep getting a “steady” income for as long as the players keep playing and the casino keeps working.

Imagine you bring in a player to a casino. If you bring that player and he makes an account and you get paid with CPA, then that’s it. But imagine that player turns out to be a high roller and makes a 50K deposit in a month. Now, if you would’ve been using revenue share with Jetbull for example, you could’ve potentially gotten half of that sum. Half of 50K. just for you. From just one player. It would be a shame to not make that money if you had the chance, right?

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