Danish Casinos With Welcome Offers and Games

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Looking for top Danish casinos? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled everything you need to know about gambling in Denmark or in foreign casinos that have a Danish license.

But before we’ll show you what casinos are the best for you, we thought you should know more about what’s legal and what not according to Denmark’s laws.

Gambling has changed tremendously in Denmark in the last couple of years. While in the beginning, until 2010, all gambling in Denmark was monopolised by Danske Spil, a state-owned operator that was the only company licensed to accept bets, now, Denmark is actually an example on how to regulate the industry.

Act no. 848 of the 1st of July 2010 came into force in 2012 and since then everything has changed. The act allowed international operators to also apply for licenses with the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), the Spillemyndigheden. At the time of this article all gambling in Denmark is overseen by the same authority, the DGA, which is an independent government agency under the Danish Ministry of Taxation. The DGA can regulate and license everything from poker to lottery and slots.

Denmark has strict regulations for a Denmark casino but also for those in Europe. Player safety and security as well as software requirements need to be met before getting a license. Both NemID and ROFUS exist to make sure that players are perfectly safe and that self-exclusion is taken seriously, but we’ll discuss this in more detail further down this article.

Which are the most popular games at Danish casinos?

A casino online Dansk usually offers the games that are most popular among Danish people, so you will easily be able to play table and card games, video poker games, as well as slot machines.

On mobile devices the most played games are:

While on desktop the top games are:

While there are several providers that are among the favourites for people from Denmark, NetEnt is a clear favourite. If you’re interested in playing them, rest assured that we have them on SlotsCalendar.

Which Danish casino site has the most honest welcome offer?

There are hundreds of great online casinos that you can play at. Each one of them has a welcome offer, but some are, obviously better than others. While you will find all sorts of bonuses, the most common ones and the ones that has the lowest wagering requirements so that you have the best chances of actually winning are the the 100% deposit bonuses. Check out our 100% deposit bonuses for Danish casinos if you want to find the best option!

License, regulation and Danish gaming authority

In order to register on a licence holder’s gaming site, a player has to use a player the verification system with standard encryption, which is called “NemID”. Players will have to use the NemID to log in every time they want to play. While you can still find casinos that work without NemID, you should probably stay away from them and just play with NemID, for your safety.

On top of this technology, the regulations of Denmark also have ROFUS in action. ROFUS basically allows you to register, using the NemID, in order to exclude yourself from online gambling as well as land-based casinos in Denmark. You can choose to self-exclude for 24h, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or permanently. You are also offered tests and a sort of counselling in order to discover if you have a gambling problem so that you’re sure that you want to use ROFUS because the contract is binding and if you change your mind it will be complicated to allow you to play again. Even so, ROFUS is a great step towards responsible gambling and player safety.

What about foreign online casinos without a Danish license?

It is perfectly legal to play at any casino you want, from anywhere in the world as long as it has obtained a Danish license. While you will find several in this situation, it might be easier for you and much more fun if you’d pick one that has everything in the Danish language and also offers customer support in Danish. Most casinos that have a Danish action usually have the national currency as well so this shouldn’t be a problem no matter what you pick. Check out our selection of top Danish casinos and pick what you like!


Ever since gambling was regulated and everything was clear a lot of new online Denmark casinos appeared on the market. There are plenty of options for players, so many that picking one can be hard and the tiebreaker can be a really subjective and small thing. We recommend that you choose a great online casino that comes with exceptional NetEnt no deposit bonuses! We have a lot of them on SlotsCalendar! So check out what we have to offer, you should find anything you need!