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Blackjack games in demo mode for your mobile device when wanting to know more about the game before playing for real on selected casinos. No download or registration required.
Today Jun 24 2022

Free Blackjack Games

Play Blackjack Online in Demo Mode

Online blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games so it’s no wonder that free blackjack is just as sought after. The reason why players love online free blackjack so much is the fact that it’s super easy to understand and play and you actually have pretty impressive odds of winning at it.  We offer a wide range of exciting titles so that you can play free blackjack for as long as you want and really hone your skills so that you can become the ultimate blackjack player and be ready to take the online gambling world by storm.  So get ready to dive into this article and learn more about the difference between online and free blackjack, what the best strategies for playing are, and everything else you needed to know about this amazing game but didn’t know where to find the info. 

How to Play Blackjack Online for Free

There has never been a better time to learn how to play blackjack free as we’ve not only gathered all the necessary information and reviewed all the best online blackjack games for you, but we’ve actually brought them all together so that you can pick your favourites and play them right away.  Take a look at our selection of free blackjack games. If you can see them it means you’ve entered our website via a device (be it desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet) through a browser and that you have an internet connection. Well, that’s it that’s how to play free bet blackjack. There is no download and no registration involved and definitely no deposit needed. You just pick one or several of the many free blackjack variants available and start playing.  The great thing about online blackjack is that although there are many variants, the basic rules remain pretty similar so if you know how to play European Blackjack, for example, or any other type,  then you will be able to play all the others in no time.  In case you need a refresh about how to play free blackjack here is the simplest process:
  • Pick the game you want to play.
  • Set a bet and press “Deal”.
  • Choose to “Hit” or to “Stand”.
  • Check out the dealer’s cards.
  • See if you’ve won or lost.
  • Repeat the process if you want to play some more.
The rules to blackjack free online are super simple. Your purpose is to beat the dealer by getting a score as close to 21 as possible, but not over. The score is calculated by the cards you get. Face cards are worth 10, while Aces can be either 1 or 11 depending on what works best with the other cards you have. In case you’re unsure about which are the best starting hands at online blackjack, here are our top three: 
  • Traditional 21 – obviously the best possible outcome, having an Ace and any 10-value card means you’ve automatically won in all possible variants because it’s a natural Blackjack.
  • Hard 20 – if you get any two 10-value cards you have a total of 20. While you can split this hand, you actually have better odds of winning if you just wait it out and let the dealer beat himself because chances are he won’t get any closer to 21 than you already are.
  • Soft 18 – this is a little bit tricky, but a combination of an Ace and a 7 will give you a lot of different options and you can pick various strategies depending on the variant of online blackjack you are playing.

Why Should You Play Free Blackjack Games Online?

There are several reasons why you should give free blackjack games a try. First off, it’s free and who doesn’t like playing free games? Secondly, it’s the best and safest way to practice and learn how to play the game. Furthermore, when you play it this way you actually improve your odds of winning when you’ll switch to real money play because you have levelled up your skills and are now a better player. Also, you can test many different strategies and actually see which ones work.  Thirdly, you get to have a lot more fun and experience more variations. While you might not afford to bet real money on online blackjack and try every single game there is, when playing free blackjack you have the opportunity to try them all with 0 risks and 0 funds.  Finally, there is just 0 hassle. You don’t need to make a deposit, you don’t need to register an account, don’t have to download any software and don’t even have to give any personal information. You just play and enjoy yourself right away, for as long as you want. 

Does Card Counting Work When Playing Free Blackjack?

While you can try, it won’t guarantee any results because it’s pretty futile, not just when playing free blackjack, but when playing most online blackjack variations. That’s because online casino games use RNGs (random number generators) and they will keep shuffling the deck of cards. Since everything is random, counting cards won’t help online. The only type of online blackjack that gives you this opportunity is the live dealer version. When playing live blackjack real dealers will use real decks of cards via a video stream so there’s a slight chance you could pull it off. But remember that live dealer blackjack games aren’t available in free play and you will only find them for real money at the best blackjack sites. Also, card counting is still frowned upon and live dealer casinos use 8 decks of 52 cards and have several other things in place to discourage card counting either individually or by using software. Even so, you might not even need to try counting cards because you have pretty amazing odds as it is. In fact, online blackjack is one of the online casino games with the best odds so if you play your cards right (pun intended) chances are you can win without any sort of special strategies.

Top 5 Blackjack Variants You Can Play for Free

There are many different online blackjack variants that you can try and the good news is that apart from live dealer options, all the other variants from all the best software providers are all available online. While it all comes down to personal preference, here are some of the most popular types of online blackjack you can try for free:
  • Perfect Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Atlantic City Blackjack

Free Blackjack vs. Blackjack for Real Money

Obviously both free and real money versions have a lot of pros as well as some cons. Surely each player will have his own winner in this epic battle. But we thought that you should be able to see all the pros and cons before you make your decision. Also, you don’t really have to choose between them. You can try them both, go from one to the other and back and combine them to get the best possible casino experience and the most fun out of it. The pro points for free blackjack are that you can play it any time, anywhere, completely for free, with no download, no registration and no deposit required. What is more, you can practice your strategies and become a better player and have fun with 0 risks.  On the downside, you don’t have access to all blackjack variants (live dealer games aren’t available for free) and you can’t win real money or use bonuses. The main pros for real money blackjack are that you can indeed win real money, you can claim some great bonuses (either no deposit offers, welcome offers or even reload bonuses) and play all possible variants of the game, including live blackjack.  On the other hand, playing for real money implies some risk as the game is still a game of luck so you can’t be 100% certain that you’ll win every time. Furthermore, it will take some time to sign up and make a deposit before you can start playing. While it will take time, the good news is that if you pick one of the best gambling sites this whole process should be super quick and not inconvenience you that much.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can free blackjack be played with other players?

    When you play online blackjack for free you will be playing against the computer. In order to be able to play against other players, you should try playing live dealer blackjack for real money.

  • Do free mobile blackjack games and apps exist?

    All the online blackjack games you will find on our website work perfectly well across all devices including mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that run on the most popular operating systems. There are also many online casinos that offer not just mobile play but also the chance to play blackjack for free and some even have mobile apps.

  • Is it possible to win real money playing free blackjack games?

    Free blackjack is played with virtual chips that cannot be exchanged for real money. The only way to play for free but win real money is to make an account at an online casino site that offers no deposit bonuses. Using no deposit bonuses you play for free, but if you manage to fulfil the wagering requirements you will be able to win and withdraw real money. Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming any kind of bonus.

  • What are the best blackjack strategies?

    Playing free blackjack before trying the real money version is definitely the best strategy to guarantee you better chances of success. Other than that, the simplest and most effective strategies are to not purchase insurance to understand the difference between soft and hard hands, split Aces and Eights, and avoid 6-5 odds and go for 3-2 (better odds, smaller house edge, better payouts). Definitely the most important is to know all rules by heart, play safe and have fun. If you tick these boxes you should have a great time. And remember to practice a lot. Check out our online free blackjack collection, you’ll surely love it. 

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