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The only way to become a veteran in offline and online gambling is to know all the lingo and jargon related to it. So we’ve created this gambling glossary full of all the gambling terms you need to know. 

From A to W (there’s currently no Z in casino terms) we have all the gambling terminology you will ever need.  So with no further ado, here are all the must-know casino gambling terms explained.

    • Advantage Player: This refers to a player that has a certain advantage over the casino. It was generally used for players who did card counting at blackjack but also works for online players that can use a bonus to gain an advantage.
    • Ante: This is a bet that is required at some casino games before the round starts. 
    • Banker: Another name for the dealer / the house.
    • Bankroll: The amount of money a player has to gamble with / the amount of funds available in the player’s online casino account.
    • Bet: A term used for a wager on a casino game.
    • Betting Limits: The minimum and maximum amount that a player can bet on a casino game, as set by the casino.
    • Buck: Lingo used for a $100 bet.
    • Bonus: A sum of money, credit or free spins which are given to a player by an online casino to encourage them to play more or for meeting certain requirements.
    • Card Shark: An expert player of card games.
    • Cash-Out: Withdrawing money from a casino, getting out the total amount or a part of the money you’ve won. We strongly recommend our fast withdrawal casinos selection
    • Cashier: The place where you exchange chips for money in a brick and mortar casino or the page where you can deposit and withdraw funds from your account in an online casino.
    • Casino Advantage: This is the mathematical advantage that a casino has over players. It is also known as the house edge.
    • Casino Rewards: Some online casinos can offer rewards to players, usually cash but can be other gifts as well, based on how much they play.
    • Chip Tray: The tray which is used by a dealer to hold house chips.
    • Chips: These are the tokens used in casinos to represent cash. The round discs have different denominations, and different colours are used to represent them. 
    • Cold Streak: An extended period in which the player only loses.
    • Comp Points: These are points given to the player from the casino (either online or offline) for betting specific amounts. The points are part of a VIP program, and they can be exchanged for special bonuses in online casinos or for dining, beverages, hotel rooms and other benefits in brick and mortar casinos. 
    • Colour Up: Exchanging smaller-denomination chips for larger ones.
    • Credits: 1 credit is equal to 1 cash unit. A credit can be a quarter, a dollar, a euro, a pound etc.  
    • Croupier: Also known as a casino dealer. It’s the French version of the word, but it’s commonly used in several languages.
    • Dealer: The casino employee who deals the cards, throws the ball, takes bets etc.
    • Deposit: Adding funds to your online casino account.
    • Dime: Casino jargon used when betting $1,000.
    • Face Cards: Jargon used instead of saying kings, queens or jacks; all the cards that have a face on them.
    • Gambler’s Fallacy: The false belief that the outcome of a random event is influenced by previous events. 
    • High Roller: Players who make high stake bets on casino games.
    • Hot Streak: A long period in which a player continuously wins. 
    • House: House is another name used to refer to the casino.
    • House Edge: The mathematical advantage that the casino has in every game against players. The casino’s “cut“.  
    • House Rules: A set of rules specific to a particular casino.
    • Jackpot: A set large prize offered for a particular outcome in a game. Usually available in slot and video poker games.
    • Layout: A surface of the gaming table where players place their wagers. 
    • Lobby: The page of an online casino where you can find all the available games.
    • Loyalty Scheme: Also known as a VIP Program, is basically the casino reward system for players offered for wagering different amounts.
    • Live Dealer Games: A type of online casino games which are played with real dealers using HD live video streaming.
    • Maximum Bet: The highest stake that can be placed on a particular casino game.
    • Minimum Bet: The lowest stake that can be placed on a particular casino game. Some casinos accept 1 minimum deposit
    • Multi-Hand Games: Casino games in which a player can play more than one hand at the same time.
    • Nickel: jargon for betting $500.
    • Multiplayer Games: Online gambling games where you can play with other real players rather than on your own.
    • Non-Sticky Bonus: A non-sticky bonus is an offer that allows you to withdraw your winnings, even what’s left of your initial deposit after you’ve completed the wagering requirements. 
    • Odds: Your chances of winning, determined by the casino, usually calculated as a %.
    • Payout / Payback Percentage: The result you should expect (calculated over a huge period of time and bets placed) determined by deducting the casino advantage from 100%. It applies to both games and the casino overall.
    • Payout Table: A table which shows you the pay-out for each bet or each winning combination.
    • Progressive Jackpot: A type of jackpot that increases with a percentage of each bet placed on that game (or a network of bets) and can reach incredible heights in the millions. If a player wins it he/she wins the entire jackpot from everyone who has ever bet on it since it was last won. 
    • Push: A tied outcome where neither the house nor the player wins at a casino game.
    • Random Number Generator (RNG): This is the software used by online casinos to generate a completely random outcome for games (slots, roulette, blackjack etc). 
    • Reload Bonus: A bonus that’s offered to an existing customer for making a new deposit (everything that comes after the first deposit).
    • Shoe: The box from which cards are dealt in casinos.
    • Sign-Up Bonus: A bonus offered to new customers when they join. It’s generally in the form of no deposit cash bonuses or no deposit free spins. 
    • Stake: The amount you wager on the outcome of a casino game.
    • Sticky Bonus: The Sticky Bonus is an offer where your money becomes bonus money when you take the offer. You can’t withdraw before you finish the wagering requirements. 
    • Tournament: A sort of challenge created by the casino where several (sometimes hundreds+) of players can enter and play poker or slots or craps of other games. While there is a winner, the huge prize pool will generally be divided among several participants. 
    • VIP: A high-value player who will get special treatment from a casino for being loyal and constantly making bets. The special treatment ranges from special perks like a VIP manager and tailored bonuses to more cashback. 
    • Wager: Any bet made in an online or offline casino. 
    • Wagering Requirements: A wagering requirement is a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play through a bonus before you can withdraw any winnings. Keep in mind that some top casinos have no wagering restrictions
    • Welcome Bonus: A bonus offered to new customers, generally after they’ve made their first deposit.
    • Whale: A high-value player who plays for very big stakes aka a high roller.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Gambling Terms

  • Do I need to know all gambling terms online?

    While it’s best to always be prepared, you don’t necessarily need to know 100% of all casino gambling terms. It works just as well on a need-to-know-basis. If you’re interested in slots for example, it’s a great idea to practice playing free slots in demo mode and familiarize yourself with all the terms before playing them for real money.

  • What do you call a big gambler?

    The person who constantly wagers huge sums of money is called a high roller or a whale. Other names like big spender, big gambler, Warbucks, VIP etc can also be sometimes used by other players.

  • How much money can you make from gambling?

    It’s hard to make an average of how much casual players win or lose over a set period of time. If they play responsibly and know what and where to play it could be some exciting sums. Just make sure you play at top legal online casinos. Professionals can make six or seven-figure annual incomes if they are at the top of their career. Most of them earn between $40,000 and $100,000 per year.

  • What games are considered gambling?

    All games of chance are considered gambling. Most laws see gambling as the act of wagering or betting for money or money’s worth. So everything from slots to table games, bingo, lottery and more, that you will find in a casino is considered gambling.

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