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Today May 20 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is free roulette the same as real money roulette?

    Free roulette works exactly the same way as real money roulette in terms of graphics, features, bet sizes, RTP, volatility etc. The only difference between them is that when it’s free you can’t win any real money as you are not playing with real funds but with free credits. That’s why the free version of any game should be played for practice because the experience is the same and you really get to understand the game and how it works. 

  • Is free roulette available on mobile devices?

    Most of the games that you will find in our collection are available on all devices, including laptops, desktop systems, tablets and smartphones. By accessing them through a web browser you should be able to play them no matter what device you choose.

  • How does the James Bond roulette strategy work?

    There are several types of roulette strategies you can try, but in recent years a lot of players have been interested in the James Bond roulette strategy. While it might sound cool, the James Bond strategy actually heavily relies on a different strategy called the Martingale.  It is progressive and you must choose a bet in proportion, which will be split into three parts (70%, 25% and 5%). Just as it works with Martingale, the bet will be doubled if you lose. The original strategy of James Bond was with £200 for one spin and this sum is considered by the strategy’s fans as the optimal amount.  As all strategies of this kind, you must remember that while it might work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will. Seeing as the bets would be quite high, choose a different strategy if you are not comfortable with these sums. Remember to play responsibly and if you wish to test any strategies, test them by playing free roulette and see if they work on our games before testing them in real money version.