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If you’re a casino games fan who loves playing slots especially, then you’ve surely noticed free Slingo games on the platform’s gallery. Chances are pretty high that you already tried a Slingo demo without even noticing. To ensure you know what you’re playing, stick around and find everything you need to know about this hybrid genre.
Today Nov 28 2022


Get to Know The Basics

In a nutshell, Slingo free games are a combination between slots and bingo. This exciting combination of genres brings together a unique experience you’ll absolutely enjoy. Get to Know The Basics To be more specific, Slingo games free are a mixture of 75-ball bingo and a 5-reel slot. Their design features a 5x5 grid similar to bingo cards, and somewhere underneath it, you’ll also see the reels. Free online Slingo slots games are relatively new if you compare them with bingo or slots that have been around for decades. Even if it’s a cross between slots and bingo, a few different features change the way you play it and you should be aware of them.
  • Compared to a regular slot, the reel space is reduced. Given its location, you might be able to see one space on each reel, unlike three or more on the original slot.
  • You’ll discover several symbols. While a traditional bingo game includes only numbers, the new genre also includes slot symbols. So expect to see gold coins, free spins, or even jokers on your bingo card.
  • You have the freedom to choose a game that suits you best since you have two options available. You may even play by yourself or with your friends.
SlotsCalendar Advice: If this is your first interaction with free Slingo games, we recommend you read our dedicated article carefully and study the review. Only after that try it out. Playing a game that you fully understand is easier.

How Do You Play Free Slingo Games Online?

To play free Slingo games is actually incredibly easy. You don’t have to learn techniques, strategies, or card counting to be an excellent player. In the beginning, you receive a pre-set number of spins, usually anything between 10 and 20. Within a set time, you must collect points by matching up multiple numbers or symbols on the reels with the ones on your card. As you normally have a time limit after each spin to daub your card manually, you need to be very careful to match them accordingly. If you finish the included spins, you may purchase more and continue having fun. Choosing a winner of Slingo free games is easy since the one who gathers the most points collects the rewards. So, play Slingo for fun, score the highest number of points and be the greatest winner. You need to know that you receive points not only for matching numbers. You can also get significant boosts by clearing the entire card or spinning specific symbols like jokers or coins. When you play the game yourself, you receive the pre-set score you must beat. While on a multiplayer version, you are competing against real players. Unlike traditional bingo, Slingo bingo free includes various unique features like multipliers, powers, and free spins, which give you a boost. In order to become a master of your craft, make sure you play Slingo demo first to understand all the perks. After thoroughly trying all its features, start playing on Slingo sites to win real money.
SlotsCalendar Advice: In order to find the best site that features the concept, make sure you read our reviews, see what they include, compare their offers and find the one that matches all your needs.

Top Slingo Slots For You to Enjoy

Do you want to try Slingo free games? There are several catchy titles you can choose from. Most include interesting and familiar thematics, striking design, and entertaining gameplay. Because many players prefer Slingo slots, developers created titles inspired by popular ones. You’re about to discover some free online Slingo games.

Rainbow Riches Slingo

Bet Level0.5/100
There are no other thematics as famous as Rainbow Riches in the casino industry. Inspired by the slots’ colourful design, this version promises a fantastic experience. It works after the classic free online Slingo principle as it features a 5x5 grid, while the payment lines and bonuses are placed on the left side of the screen. Look for Rainbow Riches Slingo free play and see if you can unlock the Joker or the Free Spin bonus.

Slingo Starburst

Bet Level0.2/25
Just like the famous slot, this Slingo free games will take you on a journey in outer space where you have to complete your mission in a fun way. Similar to other games, you’ll encounter the 5x5 grid and plenty of prizes to make your gameplay exciting.  All you have to do is get your spaceship ready and try Slingo Starburst free play today.

Book of Slingo

Bet Level0.1/100
Inspired by old Egyptian legends, the Slingo slots will welcome you with generous opportunities. From free mode credits to a whole experience filled with fun and adventure, this is the place to win exciting rewards. So buckle up and enjoy the Book of Slingo.

SlingoSweet Bonanza

Bet Level0.2/100
This theme cannot be sweeter than the rewards that await. Filled with sweet chocolate and colourful treats, this candy-themed game will offer a delicious experience and unbelievable bonus Slingo games free that you may trigger from the base game reel. Satisfy your sweet tooth and don’t wait up to enjoy the free play.
SlotsCalendar Advice: Indeed, unlocking fantastic bonus prizes and experiencing unique boosts is a lot of fun, but we recommend you keep a responsible game. This way, you’ll keep control of your gameplay and, obviously, your budget.


In 2015, the new genre’s rights were purchased by Gaming Realms with the purpose of developing more versions of Slingo games. Those versions were later called SlingoOriginals. While the project began as a Slingo free play, its popularity made the developers think about new opportunities. Its fame made it possible to play Slingo for fun and  for real money. Thus multiple game variants and different payout levels were now appealing to all players.

Slingo Demo: Tips From Our Experts

Slingo Demo Tips From Our Experts As you know by now, winning Slingo free games means collecting the highest amount of points. Even though this is still a game of chance, you may try a few things to help you increase your luck and experience the best outcomes. You should try to:
  • Save multipliers until the end: Think about this. If you save those 3x or 5x for the end of your game when you’re about to complete the lines, you’ll have the chance to maximise the number of points.
  • Use the powerups: This feature is similar to extra spins or extra time; they aim to help you gather more points. Please note that some powerups work only on specific games. 
  • Read the instructions: Even if it sounds like a boring part, this is a necessary step to knowing the basics of each game version. Learn all about features and powerups before playing, and you’ll have more opportunities to win that game.
SlotsCalendar Advice: Along with the instruction, make sure you read the terms and conditions since they apply differently to each game. Be prepared for any situation to increase your chances of winning.

Brief History And Timeline

There’s no secret that this hybrid game has been around for more than 25 years. It was first released in 1996 after a US businessman, Sal Falciglia Senior, decided that the casino world needed a new way of entertainment. At the start, no one believed that this mixture of slots and bingo would be a worldwide phenomenon, as the internet was still in its early stages. Yet, once more and more people joined online, the free online Slingo was slowly becoming a hit. Its popularity increased mainly due to the concept’s simplicity. There was no need for strategies, as players only needed to create winning lines. As the world started to develop more online ways to keep people together, the game also made its way on Facebook and other social media platforms. It even got benefits from creating branded Slingo games free influenced by beloved TV brands like Deal or no Deal, Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor, and Love Island. Thanks to their massive fan base and worldwide recognition, free slots Slingo were awarded the following:
  • Mobile Casino Product of the year at the EGR Operator Awards in 2016.
  • Innovation of the Year from Which Bingo in 2018.
There’s no wonder the hybrid game is still a massive hit, as their power of adaptability is beyond phenomenal. People will continue to try free online Slingo as long as they remain thrilled by themes, characters, plots, designs, and incentives.


Online gaming is a sensational way to spend your free time as it offers multiple options of entertainment. One option that many gamers choose is free Slingo games. This mixture between traditional bingo and interactive slots has gained a huge fanbase over the years, as it’s still considered the most played game of all time. The concept holds endless titles with familiar or new themes that entertain and attract new players every day. Its simple game principle is yet another feature that inspires people to test their luck and why not win generous prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Slingo games for free?

    Of course, you can enjoy Slingo games free. Just access SlotsCalendar, and browse the page dedicated to the provider. You’ll find your favourite titles in our vast game library.

  • What are some top Slingo slots to play for free?

    Due to its partnership with different developers, you are allowed to play Slingo games free inspired by popular themes and brands. Some games we recommend are Monopoly, Slingone Fishin, and Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds.

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