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Every played Slingo? You should definitely try it. But for that you will need the best Slingo sites and, of course, to learn how to play Slingo. Slingo was created by Sal Falciglia and Dave Lyons in 1994, and it’s the perfect gambling mix between a slots game and a bingo game.
Today Jun 28 2022


What is Slingo?

Slots and bingo are both hugely popular so it should come as no surprise that more and more players are getting into Slingo. So let’s figure out together what Slingo sites you should hit that have great games, epic casino bonuses and even more perks.  As we were saying, Slingo is basically bingo + slots. So you get a bingo card that has five reels underneath. You spin the reels to reveal five numbers, and you need to match the reel numbers to the card numbers. While the action is more like the bingo game, the symbols take from slots in that there are special symbols like jokers, free spins icons and more.  An exciting thing about Slingo is that there are many great games available, both on desktop and on mobile devices, that you can try. The Slingo Originals brand offers a range of Slingo games that are based on popular UK TV shows and pop culture.  This means that if you’re a UK player, you will have a lot of fun playing them and searching for the best Slingo game. Many top Slingo sites no deposit UK casinos offer great choices. If you don’t know what Slingo games to start playing at Slingo casinos we think you should definitely check out these epic titles:

How to play Slingo

All Slingo games are pretty similar in the way they work. They usually allow 20 spins, and each of them will show you five symbols. You will have a limited time frame in which to match any of those five symbols to the bingo card.  There’s also a time limit between spins. This way, the game is fast-paced and fun. But remember that if you go over the time limit, you lose.  You click the Start button to start spinning the reels. Once a set of numbers/symbols appears, you will have just 20 seconds to find and click any matching numbers on your card.  When you complete an entire row, column, or diagonal line of numbers, you score a Slingo and get bonus points.  The more filled up your card is, the bigger the prize will be.

How to Pick the Best No Deposit Slingo Sites

In our casino sites section, you will find many excellent Slingo sister sites no deposit required where you can play some great Slingo games. Picking the best Slingo sites to pick at might seem complicated at first as there are some fantastic options available. Here are the things that you should take into account when trying to find your perfect match:
  • Licenses and SSL encryption
  • Mobile and user-friendliness
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Great game selection
  • Many exciting casino bonuses
  • A wide array of payment methods
Plus, any other little things that you feel might improve your gambling experience, like a mobile casino app or anything else.  Here are our top picks for online casino sites with the best Slingo selections:  Read their reviews, see what they have to offer, compare them and find the one that fulfils all your needs!  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all casino sites have Slingo?

    Unfortunately, they don’t. We hope that in the future, more and more online casino sites will offer them. But in the meantime, there are still a good number of top Slingo sites no deposit that you can read about on our website and then make your decision.

  • Is Slingo popular?

    Slingo isn’t as popular as other casino games like slots or blackjack and roulette, but those who have played it really enjoy it. Since it mixes two of the most popular games and gets the best qualities of both, we’re sure it will become increasingly popular.

  • Can I play free Slingo games?

    The easiest way to play free Slingo is to try it for fun in demo mode. This way, you get to practice and become a better gambler before you start playing it for real money. When you’re ready, you can either go for a Slingo free 10 no deposit bonus or check out 10 free spins no deposit bonuses. 

  • Can I play Slingo on mobile?

    Most Slingo games can be played on mobile devices or any other device you prefer. There are very few Slingo sites that still offer old-school games that aren’t mobile-ready. Most variants you will find will be Slingo mobile games that you can play on tablets or smartphones that run on Android or iOS.

  • Can I get Slingo games free spins?

    Slingo bonuses are pretty similar to slots bonuses and, in fact, you can frequently use them on both these types of games. Many of our free spins bonuses will allow you to try your favourite Slingo games. Also, while they are rarer, you can even find online casino bonuses with no wagering requirements that work on Slingo.

  • What’s the best Slingo casino for UK players?

    Almost all Slingo casinos work for UK players because this is where the game is most played. Even the themes of the games are based on a UK audience. Check out our top 20 online casinos UK and find your perfect fit.

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