Lucky player wins $2 million at 1xBet. Find out what he did with the money!

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Tyche, the goddess of wealth, also known as Fortuna, seems to have taken a liking to one of the 1xBet players. Mukhazhan, one of the still to be considered new players of 1xBet Casino from Kazakhstan, has just won a fantastic sum of 2 million dollars. The 44-year-old player has joined the 1xBet Casino two years ago and has already won an amazing prize by simply betting 100 thousand tenges (approximately $238) on an accumulator comprising of 44 events. 

“I bet exclusively on football. I myself am a football player – I am well versed in this sport. You have seen the result. I chose 1xBet due to the fact that they have freedom of choice in betting: For example, unlimited accumulator bets, high odds, plus the ability to bet on the same team in different tournaments. I like the freedom of choice; I think it’s right, that’s why I am with 1xBet.

I like big accumulator bets; if you win, then it’s big. To be honest, I was nervous before the last matches. When there are 3-4 matches left, and you understand that such an outcome is possible, then willy-nilly, you start to get nervous. The last match was at night; I did not believe it right away. It seemed that this was not happening to me. I immediately woke up my wife, showed her what was occurring. The money was immediately credited to the gaming account – there was zero, and then the amount that you already know about was immediately received.” said Mukhazhan. 

The events that Mukhazan selected for the accumulator were those that did not have the highest odds since the largest of them was equal to 1.48. The player placed most of the bets on the favourites of football matches in European competitions and the leading European championships. This tactic helped Mukhazam win the fantastic prize from 1xBet Casino. 

This lucky player has decided to donate all his winnings to charity which makes us get fond of him too, just as Tyche apparently did. This fantastic story proves that at 1xBet, it doesn’t matter what experience you have in the gambling field or your intentions with the money. What really matters is being passionate about gambling and enjoying every experience you have at 1xBet Casino.